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Welcome to The Stardew Modding Wiki!

The Stardew Valley Modding wiki (aka the Modding Tutorial Wiki or the Modding Wiki for short) is a companion to the Official Stardew Valley Wiki.

What's the difference?

You can think of as a sort of "textbook" or "dictionary" containing vast amounts of useful information and as the resource for things like event data, mail flags, the SMAPI api, etc.

This wiki, on the other hand, is for the little kinds of resources that make modding life easier. That includes tutorials on subjects general and niche, recommendation lists, custom NPC birthdays, a list of framework abbreviations, and more.

How can I contribute?

Just click "edit" on a page that needs editing or create a new page for a tutorial, template, recommendation list, player diary, or any other kind of content you have to share!

There isn't any kind of a guide you need to follow to add content. Just start dropping facts, links, suggestions, templates; anything you wish had been around when you started learning to mod.