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Abbreviation What it is
AHM Animal Husbandry Mod
AT Alternative Textures
BFAV Better Farm Animal Variety
BC Bigger Craftables
BH Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension
CC Category:Custom Companions
CCM Custom Cask Mod
CCS Custom Crafting Stations
CF Category:Custom Furniture
CFR Custom Farming Redux
CM Custom Music
CON Custom Ore Nodes
CP Category:Content Patcher
CP-A Content Patcher Animations
CRC Custom Resource Clumps
CS CopperSun/Custom Shop
CWF Custom Walls And Floors
DGA Dynamic Game Assets
DSV Diverse Stardew Valley
DTZ Downtown Zuzu
ES East Scarp
FAVR Farm Animal Variety Redux
FTM Farm Type Manager
GMCM Generic Mod Config Menu
HCE Hybrid Crop Engine
JA Category:Json Assets
ME Museum Expansion
MFM Mail Framework Mod
MNF More New Fish
MT Miller Time
MTN More than Necessary
NA NPC Adventures
PFM Producer Framework Mod
PPJA Project Populate JSON Assets
QF Category:Quest Framework
RSV Ridgeside Village
SMAPI Stardew Modding API
STF Category:Shop Tile Framework
SVE Stardew Valley Expanded
SDV/SV Stardew Valley
TMXL Tiled Map XML
XNB XNA Game Studio Binary Package
XS Expanded Storage