Better Farm Animal Variety

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Better Farm Animal Variety (BFAV) by Paritee is a framework mod designed for the configuration of barn and coop animals. While existing species can be altered with this mod, it is primarily used for adding new species to Stardew Valley. Note that for 1.5 versions, an official update has not yet been released, so players are encouraged to use mouseypound's unofficial updateinstead.


  • Barn animals (32x32 sprites) or coop animals (16x16)
  • Custom drops from vanilla items (or custom items with Category:Json Assets
  • Choosing the sound the creature makes from Stardew's vanilla sound list (or no sound)
  • Whether or not their drops require a tool to harvest
  • Whether or not the animal changes appearance when harvested (e.g., a sheared sheep)
  • How long the animal takes to mature from baby to adult (two different sprite sheets can be used for baby and adult)
  • How much the animal costs when bought and how much it sells for
  • How quickly its fullness and happiness drop
  • Different types of animals within a category (e.g., white and brown cows)

A content pack for BFAV consists of a folder containing a manifest.json (containing general information about the mod) and a content.json (containing the animal configuration), as well as a sprite sheet and icon for Marnie's shop, typically contained in an assets subfolder. Note that you cannot create a mod for both a barn and coop animal; they must be separate. However, both can be included in the same mod upload.

Example mods: