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Click this > Link to the template on nexus (This template was deleted because it didn't receive much interest (and I forgot it had a wiki page, so this page probably needs an overhaul to be more about adding clothes to the game). As an alternative, DIYCP is a more comprehensive example of how to use CP, furthermore this article seemed out of date since Fashion Sense is now a better framework for clothing items specifically)

This is a basic template to help you make your own clothing mod. I made this initially as a tool for combining different CP mods. It's particularly handy for converting XNB mods. This file is not recommended for anyone who doesn't know how to use mods. For support making mods you can find me on the Stardew Valley discord, which has a making mods channel you can post in so even if I'm not available someone may be able to help you.

This mod will[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

  • Provide a template for editing how the farmer looks using CP
  • As a really basic beginner: Just change the PNG files, but make sure they're the same size as the original images. Also try this tutorial on making a mod like this from scratch which is step by step with images, and will probably explain anything that confuses you in this template.
  • If you feel confident doing that then an extra tip is with my template you can change which file the game uses by changing the file name in config, which means if you're using GMCM  you can create new files and load them into the game while you're still playing.

Some extra tips[edit | edit source | hide]

If you plan to release a mod based on this template[edit | edit source | hide]

  • You will need to create your own manifest file You will want to change the config setting to include an "allow values" field that will make it easier for regular uses to use your mod
  • You can increase compatibility with other mods by changing this mod to edit sections of images instead of whole images, or by overlaying an image
  • This template is in format 1.19 because it's compatible with mobile, but it's not the most recent format for CP (content patcher) and as a result you may want to think about changing it. Newer formats of CP also support extra features.

Please note[edit | edit source | hide]

If the image you use in this mod are not your own DO NO PUBLISH IT. You need permission if you're using someone else's art and if you can't ask for permission that means you can't publish them. In this scenario recolours do not count as new art, nor does using parts of different pictures and putting them together. Mod authors also generally do not support personal edits/conversions.