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A list of NPCs in quotes and separated by commas for use in gift tastes and such.

Feel free to add lists!

Vanilla NPCs[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

"Abigail", "Alex", "Caroline", "Clint", "Demetrius", "Dwarf", "Elliott", "Emily", "Evelyn", "George", "Gus", "Haley", "Harvey", "Jas", "Jodi", "Kent", "Krobus", "Leah", "Leo", "Lewis", "Linus", "Marnie", "Maru", "Pam", "Penny", "Pierre", "Robin", "Sam", "Sandy", "Sebastian", "Shane", "Vincent", "Willy", "Wizard",

Vanilla non-giftable NPCs[edit | edit source | hide]

"Birdie", "Bouncer", "Governor", "Grandpa", "Henchman", "Gil," "Marlon", "Morris", Mr. Qi, Old Mariner,

Note: Depending on the mod there may be a different way of referring to Mr. Qi, the Old Mariner, and Professor Snail.

Wiki-Less NPCs[edit | edit source | hide]

"Aspen", "Grogu", "Carnelian", "Chelsea", "Jasper", "Jessie", "Juliet", "Juna", "Lorence", "Madalorian", "MisterGinger", "Randy", "Sasuke", "Soli", "Ulysses", "Viconia", "Wilford"

Note: As these mods don't have Wiki's there are links to their Nexus.