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Modder Specialty Contact Taking Commissions? Portfolio
Taiyokun (Nexus User, but can just bê Taiyō) Sprites/Code Stuff (Nothing too complex, I don't know C#) Discord tag: T.aiyō#3927

Main email:

Of course, commissions are always welcome Strange Machines:

But you can take a look into my profile ♡

XxHarvzBackxX Coder (C# and .json) Discord: XxHarvzBackxX#3665

Nexus: XxHarvzBackxX

Yup! Taking commissions. I have created many mods through commmissions, including a few made for SeanieDew.I have plenty of mods on my profile. I can also provide additional proof of my experience if you DM me on Discord.
Looking to find
Username Project Contact Looking for Link
XxHarvzBackxX Downtown Zuzu XxHarvzBackxX#3665 Artists (people and tiles eg buildings etc),