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The Cursors.xnb is full of various different icons that are used in-game. Of course, at first glance it is difficult to tell what they are used for and where. A running joke in the SV community is that if you are looking for something, it is either in Cursors.xnb, Cursors2.xnb... or SpringCrops.xnb.

please excuse the pictures, they aren't lining up nicely

Main Title Sprites[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Cursor Sprites[edit | edit source | hide]

The arrow icons are used for flipping through pages, or going through categories. Certain mods will make use of them as well and will more often than not use the same interface that you have applied to your game.
The big bubble icon

The black hole icon

The blue face icon

The community centre/center icon is used when browsing the bundles from the community bundle, either while within the community centre itself, or when looking at them through the player inventory.
The chest button icons are used when within a chest's inventory menu to change the colours and to sort items into existing stacks.