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So you've met a terrible fate, haven't you?

Welcome to the landing page of the Custom NPC Tiles spreadsheetǃ Please look around and make sure to thoroughly read the rules and instructions of usage. If you have any remaining questions, be sure to ping me on discord at

If you don't know where you've landed, this a page for a public resource with aims to index and map all custom NPC's positions on the map during festivals. We support Vanilla festivals, as well by modded ones and patched versions of festivals introduced by mods like Stardew Valley Expanded, and Ridgeside Village. We also offer Saloon data, bust it is mostly in beta.

How to Useː[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Navigationː[edit | edit source | hide]

As overseen by your lovely host, Himetarts

A comprehensive explanation of what each of the sheets do.

  • Welcomeː The spreadsheet's main landing page.
  • Data Festivalː This is where all the raw data of NPC location tiles is located and written. Don't attempt to view information here (unless you're using CTRL F) as this is just the data dump. Use viewer instead. This is page where modders or volunteers come input all their NPC's tiledata information.
  • Viewer Festivalː This is where you'd normally come to view festival information. Using the filters, you can select the filter through which you wish to search (Festival, Phase, Version and/or NPC) and customize your searches. The recommended filter is using all Festival, Phase and Version at the same time in order to get the most specific results. This sheet can not be edited.
  • Map Viewerː This is where you can see all vanilla and custom NPCs are currently standing in any given map at any given phase. When you input your NPC's information, your NPC will also appear here as a red colored tileǃ Do note if you placed your NPC in a tile that was already occupied, the tile will turn purpleǃ
  • Map Navigationː Skip to whichever festival you're looking to view.
  • Viewer Saloonː Same as with the Festival viewer, you can filter through days and NPCs (seasons not yet supported) in order to find what days might be available for your NPC to visit the bar as well as the tiles.
  • Data Saloonː This is where you input information in regarding your NPC's visits to the Saloon. This is a very crowded area, specially on Fridays, so the resource aims to ease overlap between current and future NPCs.
  • Night Marketː This section acts both as a data input sheet and a viewer sheet. Night Market does not function as a regular festival (meaning it doesn't take you into a different instance, and time doesn't freeze) and requires you add your NPC's visit through their schedule and not via CP or TMX. It also lasts 3 days, meaning your NPCs may attend all the days, only a few of them, or occupy different tiles on different days. Use this sheet to input the days your NPC visits the night market, their tiles, and their time of arrival and leaving.
  • NPC Listː This is where you go to input your NPC's main information. This is the sheet from where the sheet's take your NPC information to add it to the dropdown.

Data Festival Infoː[edit | edit source | hide]

If you're a little confused what each row in Data Festival means, fret notǃ We've provided an explanation of what to fill up in each cell.

  • NPCː This is where your NPC name goes. You'll note this cell is a dropdown, and won't let you write anything beyond the option it provides you. In order to get your NPC to appear, be sure to have correctly input your information in NPC List. For more information, head to the Adding your Custom NPC section below.
  • Festival Nameː This is where you'll choose which festival you're adding tiles to. It also only provides options from the already existing ones. To add your own custom festival, please dm Hime.
  • Festival Versionː Most maps only have vanilla and SVE versions. If your NPC is compatible with SVE, please be sure to make one entry for the vanilla festival version ̠̝plus a separate one for the SVE version.
  • Phaseː There are two possible phases, SetUp & Main event. SetUp refers to the first instance of the map when the farmer arrives to the festival and you're able to walk around and speak to everybody. Main event refers to the second phase of the event, usually after talking to Lewis, that mostly occurs in a cutscene. Many vanilla villagers move during Main Event. Noteː In order to make your custom NPC attend a festival, only putting them in Setup is required. Main event is entirely optional and can sometimes break as is the case with the Ice Festival.
  • X, y, facing directionː This is where you'll finally input the coordinates that your character stands in. All you need to do is input the information here, and the spreadsheet will automatically add the character to the viewer by itself.
  • Other infoː Any additional data you'd like to inputǃ This is purely for yours and other's reference, and the spreadsheet doesn't take it into account. ie. your character only stands in this tile after having see x event, or maybe it clips with another npc.
  • Version Checkedː The version your mod was in when the coordinates were input. If you ever move your NPC, be sure to update the spreadsheet and the version of your mod you made the correction inǃ
  • Duplicate Checkː Fancy spreadsheet magic that makes sure you don't have to identical entriesǃ All you have to do is select the cell above you, and click the blue square at the bottom right corner to drag down the formula from the entry above to your current oneǃ The spreadsheet will do the rest of the magic.
  • Statusː Following the same instructions as for duplicate check, select the cell above, drag the blue square down to your current cell and the formula will let you know whether there are or aren't existing duplicates of your information by returning Ok or Duplicateǃ

Adding your Custom NPCː[edit | edit source | hide]

  1. Head to the NPC List sheet. Scroll all the way to the first empty cell, and start inputting your NPC's information. Because all other sheets pull from this one for your NPC's info, make sure everything is updated and correct. There is also no need to organize it any order, as the viewer will organize the information automatically.
  2. Head to the Data Festival sheet. This is where you will select your NPC's name from the dropdown.
  3. Input all the necessary data in Data Festival, being mindful of making separate entries for every festival your npc attends as well as every version of the festival. I.e. an entry for the vanilla festival, as well an entry for the SVE version of the festival if they attend it.
  4. Your NPC will now show up both in the Viewer & Maps.

When adding your custom NPC PLEASE be wary ofː

  1. Always include facing direction. If you don't, it will default to "up".
  2. Always write the facing direction using words (up, right, down, left) so the program can read it.
  3. If your NPC is SVE compatible always make an entry for SVE and for vanilla, because SVE changes vanilla villager positions and that can cause compat issues.

Adding your Custom Festivalː[edit | edit source | hide]

Ping me at Hime ✻#1337 on discordǃ I show up as Hime in most Stardew Valley discord. I'll be happy to add your festival and its map patchesǃ