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Modding existing code is often complex and tricky, and sometimes things don't work quite right or have unintended consequences. Other times, it's just a matter of pushing the game beyond what its ordinary limits would be. This is a list of some of the most common issues and conflicts seen in the modding community. If you see your favorite mod here, don't panic! Many still run normally and do what they're intended to. But just like our favorite bachelors and bachelorettes, they have... quirks. :)

  • Child to NPC: Very buggy. Issues include duplicate children as well as causing save issues with broken child NPCs if the mod is removed. Not recommended unless you're willing to spend time hammering it into shape. Lemurkat has a breakdown of its quirks and how to correct them.
  • Custom Furniture: Largely works, but dressers are unsupported. Some layering issues, especially with items on tables. Items also show up in Pierre's festival shops for free.
  • JSON Assets: Adding or removing JA items (via adding, removing or updating mods) can cause Json Shuffle. Having many JA mods can also cause lag.
  • Longevity: Longevity is no longer in development and has many glitches due to its use of .xnb files which broke with the last update. Alternates for most of the Longevity functions can be found here.
  • Save Anywhere: Because SDV does a lot of processes and calculations at the end of a day when the player goes to sleep, saving prior to then with Save Anywhere will miss those vital functions. This can cause save corruption. Not recommended for use.
  • Stardew Valley Expanded: In addition to lag (see below), SVE's extensive editing and nonstandard processes can cause incompatibilities with other mods. Mods which make changes to vanilla maps or NPCs will often say whether they are compatible with SVE, as well as any possible workarounds or quirks.
  • .XNB mods: .xnb is the format used to enclose many game files; .xnb mods replace those game files directly with edited versions. These mods are not recommended because updates to the game itself will often break these mods or cause issues with the game itself, due to the internal movement of data. In addition, because they are direct file replacements, they cannot be easily added or removed like SMAPI mods, nor is it possible to have two mods that edit different parts of one .xnb. Content Patcher can duplicate the features of most .xnb mods by conditionally applying patches from more transparent .json or .png files.
    Note: Currently, only .xnb mods can be used to mod the Switch version, due to the lack of SMAPI for that platform and general inaccessibility to changing Switch game files.

Lag Heavy[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

These mods may cause noticeable lag on older computers or for players using 32-bit SDV. You can migrate to 64-bit by following the directions on the official wiki.

  • Climates of Ferngill: Weather effects may cause lag.
  • Custom Music: Functions perfectly well, but can cause significant lag and load times due to high memory use, especially with mods that have music in .wav format or have many custom pieces. You can reduce some lag by skipping the preload on music files by adding the following code to individual song entries: "Preload": false Switching to 64-bit may also help.
  • Diverse Stardew Valley (deluxe): using the full version of DSV can cause lag as NPCs change outfits from indoor to outdoor wear, at night to sleep, etc. Lag can be effectively eliminated by using the lightweight version instead, which does not have so many outfit changes.
  • Stardew Valley Expanded: Because SVE edits almost every map and NPC schedule in the game, as well as various processes, it causes increased loads times and often causes gameplay lag as well. SVE recommends shutting down and restarting Stardew Valley at least once every in-game week to help mitigate lag. The optional Grampleton Fields map can cause significant lag due to the massive size of the map. SVE's extensive editing and nonstandard processes can also cause incompatibilities with other mods.