Mod Hotkeys

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Here's a list of the most common default hotkeys for many popular mods. Note that many of these are configurable with the mod's config.json file.

Key Mod What it does
U Automate Toggle Automate overlay (to see connectors)
B Chests Anywhere Opens inventory
P CJB Cheats Menu Opens default menu
1 (numpad) CJB Cheats Menu Instant grow nearby trees
2 (numpad) CJB Cheats Menu Instant grow nearby crops
I CJB Item Spawner Open Item Spawner menu
Z Skull Cavern Toggle Toggle difficulty on/off (when enabled)
` (tilde key) Ladder Locator Toggle 'force first ladder to be a mineshaft' on/off
` (tilde key) Empty Hands switches selected item to "none"
` (tilde key) Debug Mode toggles a cursor window showing tile position and map
F1 Lookup Anything Open/close information window
F2 TMX Loader Open Buildables Menu
Backspace Tractor Mod Summons tractor