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Feeling burnt out? Need some inspiration? Want to create but no idea what? Why not spend a few minutes contemplating the weekly modding prompt? :)

A Very SMALL Mod[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

What is a very small mod you'd like to see exist? A mod so simple it would usually be an afterthought or bundled in something much larger?

Example: Overgrown Mailbox does one thing and one thing only: covers your mailbox with pretty flowers.

Just One Building[edit | edit source | hide]

If you could add one and only one building to Pelican Town (not the farm), what building would you add? What would be in it? Would it be very small, or have many rooms and/or floors? Would NPCs visit and/or live there?

Example: The Stray Catfe adds a cafe, naturally enough.

Furniture[edit | edit source | hide]

Unless you're really into decorating, you probably don't think much about furniture. Furthermore, Category:Custom Furniture can be a bit tricky, so even an artist who might otherwise give it a spin might focus on craftables instead. But what if you could easily make any furniture? What would you make? Would the player buy it from Robin or someone/somewhere else?

Example: Pokemon RSE Secret Base Stuff for Custom Furniture , which contains a truly astounding number of "secret base" items.

Fall[edit | edit source | hide]

It's nearly fall in the northern hemisphere and the pumpkin spice onslaught is already here along with aisles of Halloween decorations. What mod would you make that would affect just the fall season in Stardew Valley? A beautiful recolor? Pumpkin spice lattes available at the saloon? A new fish exclusive to the season?

Example: Spirit of Fall UI turns the UI orange and adds a few spooky decorations.

Jellyfish[edit | edit source | hide]

That's right, jellyfish. What mod would you make with everyone's favorite sea blob? A set of new fish to catch? A peanut butter and jellyfish recipe? How about a fully fleshed out jellyfish NPC?

Example: for some reason there aren't a lot of mods dedicated to jellyfish :(. More New Fish does allow you to catch one in a crabpot, however.

Festivals[edit | edit source | hide]

If you could add a new festival to the game, what would it involve? Would it be a grand affair involving people from across Ferngill, or a small cosy event? Would it be serious or silly? Something steeped in tradition or something being held for the first time ever?

Example: Surfing Festival adds a festival in summer with a new surfing minigame.

Or....... The Big List of Ideas[edit | edit source | hide] - a list that pre-dates this wiki, full of ideas people have suggested but weren't able to make themselves.