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Badges! Put them on your user profile, show them off to your friends, turn them into embroidery patterns and make yourself a modding sash - it's up to you! Collect 10 and you learn the secret modding handshake. ;)

Coding[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Code misspell.png
Moddingbadge-code draft1.png
Missed a comma Forgot to close a brace Misspelled crucial object name Code worked on the first try
[image needed] [image needed]
Code herring.png
[image needed]
Submitted a Pull Request Had a Pull Request Accepted Hours debugging the wrong thing Successfully used Harmony
Code scopecreep.png
Code applefish.png
[image needed]
Attacked by the scope creep Solved a different problem

from the one you were trying to solve

Code crashed and I don't know why Filled the console with red text

Frameworks & Programs[edit | edit source | hide]

Frame CP.png
Frame JA.png
Frame tiled.png
[image needed]
Content Patcher Json Assets Tiled Harmony
[image needed] [image needed] [image needed] [image needed]
Quest Framework Shop Tile Framework TMXL Custom Companions

Publishing[edit | edit source | hide]

Pub upload.png
[image needed]
Pub kudos.png
[image needed]
Released a mod Published w/embarrassing typos Received an endorsement 100 downloads
Pub bugnotif.png
Pub bugfix.png
Pub hot.png
[image needed]
Received a bug report Fixed a reported bug Hot Mod List 1,000 downloads
Pub svecompat.png
[image needed] [image needed]
Pub trans.png
Added SVE compatibility Added 64-bit compatibility Added mobile compatibility Translation request
Pub svecompquest.png
[image needed] [image needed]
Asked if your mod works with SVE Forgot to update your manifest Unauthorized spinoff of your mod released

Wiki[edit | edit source | hide]

Wiki edit 1.2.png
[image needed]
Wiki write 1.2.png
Wiki template.png
Edited a wiki page Created a new wiki page Wrote a tutorial Created a template
[image needed] [image needed] [image needed] [image needed]

Community[edit | edit source | hide]

Com bug.png
Badge discord dorito.svg
[image needed]
Badge pathos ping.svg
Helped debug someone

else's code

Discord Dorito Collaborated on a mod Pinged Pathos with an obvious question/error
Com duck.png
Served as a rubber duck