Moving the Greenhouse on a Custom Farm

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The wrong tiles patched in where the greenhouse used to be.
Example .tbin for a replacement Greenhouse Dirt.

Since the 1.5 update, when creating a new farm you now have the option to designate the locations of most of the features that every farm has via Map Properties. Among these farm features, the Greenhouse is unique because it can be moved by the player later in the game. Once the greenhouse is unlocked, you can move it like any other farm building at the Carpenter's Shop, but an issue you may run into is a patch of new tiles left where the greenhouse used to be.

This is because the game automatically patches in the area where the greenhouse used to be once it's been moved with a .tbin found at Maps/Farm_Greenhouse_Dirt or Maps/Farm_Greenhouse_Dirt_FourCorners. If you haven't moved the starting location of the greenhouse or used a terrain other than the basic dirt for your map, you'll likely be fine. But the replacement becomes highly noticeable if you have.

The solution is easy enough: make your own .tbin and load it in place of Maps/Farm_Greenhouse_Dirt in Content Patcher.

In Content Patcher, it should look like this:


"Action": "Load",

"Target": "Maps/Farm_Greenhouse_Dirt",      "FromFile": "your_replacement_dirt.tbin"


The Size of the .tbin?[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Keep in mind, while the area replaced by the game's default Farm_Greenhouse_Dirt is 9 by 6 tiles, covering the entire space of the main greenhouse building (not including the entry tiles) plus two columns on the right side, your replacement file does not need to cover this much space. Because you are simply replacing the whole .tbin, you can make the replacement cover as much or as little space as you want, down to 1x1 tile. Whatever is not covered by the Farm_Greenhouse_Dirt will default to whatever your map looks like underneath that area.

The primary reason you might want to use the full size is to mark off on the map the area that the greenhouse will be taking up, initially, or decorate the ground layer around the ruins of the still locked greenhouse. If you then want the area to look different in the instance that the greenhouse is moved, you can cover whatever was there with your new Farm_Greenhouse_Dirt.tbin.

In the event that the area underneath the greenhouse does not matter and how you draw the area on the map initially will work even when the greenhouse is no longer there, then the .tbin does not need to be large or complex and a single tile will do.