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This is a page of mods that provide greater accessibility and ease of play for players who find particular aspects of the game challenging.

Accessibility[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

StardewSpeak[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: evfredericksen

StardewSpeak enables voice recognition commands, allowing for hands-free play. Still a work-in-progress as of June 2021, but most actions and menu navigation are included in a playable state. Can be used offline.

Stardew Access[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Mohammad Shoaib / shoaib6996

Stardew Access enables screen reader and keyboard-only support, as well as adding options to narrate the player's position, health and stamina, money, and the time of day and season.

Requires: AutoHotKey

Pelican XVASynth[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: aedenthorn

Pelican xVASynth provides real-time voice synthesis based on Stardew Valley character dialogue using xVASynth, which is an AI voice acting synthesis tool.

Requires: xVASynth

Pelican TTS[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Platonymous

Pelican TTS (Nexus) / (ModDrop) adds a text-to-speech function for dialogue, HUD messages, letters, and books. The mod supports all languages and voices for each character can be configured.

Requires: An active internet connection

SDV Colorblind Mod[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: CISC 3141 / Upsters

SDV Colorblind Mod retextures several plants and forage items that are difficult to distinguish for people with red/green colourblindness.

A Less Flashy Stardew[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: mistyspring

A Less Flashy Stardew adds several options to disable flashy animations such as pulsing lights, lava movement, and water animations, in order to reduce eyestrain and seizure risk.

Trypophobia - Make Stardew Valley Less Hole-y[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Horcrux1994

Trypophobia - Make Stardew Valley Less Hole-y retextures several sprites to remove holes that could trigger a trypophobia response.

Misophonia Accessibility (Remove Eat or Drink or Keg Sounds)[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: TheFluffyRobot

Misophonia Accessibility disables the sound made while eating something, and optionally the sounds made when drinking or when accessing a keg.

Sounds Patcher[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: MindMeltMax

Sounds Patcher allows the player to disable any currently playing music track or sound.

Leftymode[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Max Vollmer

Leftymode switches the left and right mouse button commands for left-handed players.

Quick Responses[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: aedenthorn

Quick Responses adds the ability to select between different question responses in the game with number keys (instead of having to use the mouse).

Mouse Move Mode[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: ylsama

Mouse Move Mode makes the player-character move in the direction of the mouse pointer when right-clicking or holding the right mouse button, allowing players to minimise keyboard use.

Spiders Are Bears[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: OsmiaCyril

Spiders Are Bears changes the spider enemies in the challenge mode of the mines into bears so that people with arachnophobia are able to play comfortably.

Ease of Play[edit | edit source | hide]

UI Info Suite[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Cdaragorn

UI Info Suite provides helpful information about a range of things in the game, particularly NPCs' birthdays, animals with produce or that haven't been patted, days until harvest, and items needed for Community Centre bundles.

Lookup Anything[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Pathoschild

Lookup Anything (Nexus) / ModDrop provides detailed information about whatever is under the mouse cursor when the hotkey is pressed, such as days until harvest, NPC likes and dislikes, what bundles and achievements require a particular item, and how long until a machine is finished producing.

NPC Map Locations[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Bouhm, maintained by Pathoschild

NPC Map Locations displays NPCs' current location on the map, making it easier to find them, and adds an optional minimap.

To-Dew[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Jamie Taylor

To-Dew adds a to-do list that can be edited in-game and optionally is visible outside of menus. Items can be configured to display only on certain days, seasons, or in certain weather.

Stardew Notifications[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: monopandora, maintained by Sakorona

Stardew Notifications (Nexus) / (ModDrop) provides pop-up notifications for production, harvesting, and events in the game.

Time Reminder[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Sakorona

Time Reminder (Nexus) / (ModDrop) adds a configurable pop-up notification that alerts the player of the current system time.

Time of the Prairie King[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: TheFluffyRobot

Time of the Prairie King displays the in-game clock while playing Journey of the Prairie King in multiplayer.

Running Late[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Coll1234567

Running Late changes the in-game clock to update every minute instead of every 10 mins, making it easier to track time.

Multiplayer Time[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: lolmaj

Multiplayer Time makes time stop in a multiplayer game if all players are in menus, cutscenes, or playing a minigame.

TimeSpeed[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: cantorsdust, maintained by Pathoschild

TimeSpeed allows the player to configure the speed at which time passes in the game, including configuring separate values by location.

Numerical Health[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Hydrox6

Numerical Health adds a moveable and resizeable display showing the player's current health and stamina values as numerical figures.

Custom Tracker[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Esca-MMC

Custom Tracker (Nexus) / (ModDrop) replaces the default forage tracker icon with a larger customisable arrow, for ease of seeing.

Zoom Level[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: thespbgamer

Zoom Level adds new hotkeys to adjust the game's zoom level and UI level past the game limit to a configurable setting.

Simple Cursor[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: h4man

Simple Cursor redesigns the mouse pointer to a simpler shape with different colour options available.

SFG's Crab Monster Recolors (Content Patcher)[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: ShotFromGuns

SFG's Crab Monster Recolors edits the sprites for the crab monsters so that they are easier to spot. Various levels of difference are available.

Better Crop Visibility (CP)[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: UlyanaLeyana

Better Crop Visibility edits the sprites of five crops to make it easier to distinguish when they are ready to be harvested.

Better Fertilizer[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: ForgedBrass

Better Fertilizer edits the sprite of applied fertilisers so that it is easier to see whether a fertiliser has been applied and which one it is.

Combat Controls Redux[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: DJ-STLN & NormanPCN

Combat Controls Redux changes the game controls so that the player turns in the direction of the mouse click when attacking, and optionally continues attacking if the mouse button is held down.

No Fence Decay[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: CatCattyCat

No Fence Decay (Nexus) / (ModDrop) edits fences so that they will never be destroyed over time.

No Soil Decay on Farm[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: A_Dude

No Soil Decay on Farm edits soil on the farm so that it always stays tilled instead of reverting to an untilled state.

Fishing Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Ericlegacy

Fishing Made Easy Suite adds an array of options to make fishing easier, including reducing fishing difficulty and removing time, season, or weather restrictions for fish.

Combat Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Ericlegacy

Combat Made Easy Suite adds an array of options to make combat easier, including decreasing the health of monsters, decreasing damage taken, increasing experience gained, and increasing loot drops.

Farming Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Ericlegacy

Farming Made Easy Suite adds an array of options to make farming easier, including making crops grow faster or regrow, removing season restrictions, and making animals produce faster.