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Have you ever wanted more NPCs in your game to make your introduction quest even harder? No? Well, look no further! I've decided to start an SVE-free playthrough so I can experience custom NPCs that may NOT be compatible with SVE.

Here are some that I've added because they captured my interest. Be warned, this list might just keep growing if I keep coming across more NPCs to download. Please make sure to read the description for each mod before download to 1. ensure compatibility with other mods 2. other installation instructions.

Also note that some of these mods may or may not clash with each other in terms of positioning at festivals.

(All descriptions were pulled from the mod pages).

- Custom NPCs and Expansion Mods[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Always Raining in the Valley by HimeTartsː A heart-warming Custom NPC mini expansion that adds Sterling, Mia and Henry, 13 new recipes, events and over 1000+ lines of dialogue. Does not add more rain to the valley. For East Scarp!

Aspen by Invatorzen: Meet Aspen, a new NPC who lives on her own farm west of the railroads! She got screwed over with Joja's accident, preventing her from going home until they clear the path! Fortunately for her, Gus was nice enough to let her stay at the Saloon until then.

Ayeisha - The Postal Worker by TheLimeyDragon: Ayeisha is a new NPC who works for the Ferngill Postal Service. This is an early version of her and is not yet complete.

Beatrice by attonbomb: Beatrice is the keeper of the East Scarp Lighthouse. She has been in Pelican Town for many years and has watched it grow. She has a sad past, but is always willing to offer a friendly ear or advice. (REQUIRES EAST SCARP).

Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension by TrentXV: Adds an area behind the Bus Stop with a Boarding house, a shop to buy customized machines and a new mine (with no monsters) and three new NPCs. (Homeless Custom NPCs can also be moved in here, check the description of the mod for more).

Carnelian by kolalu1 - English translation by VirtualShame: A demon born and raised in the harsh environment of the demon world. Due to an intensive scuffle in his home realm, Carnelian barely escapes to the human realm and lands in Pelican Town, Stardew Valley. After his escape, the gate to the demon world has been closed, forcing the battle-scarred Carnelian to stay in this unknown yet beautiful town until he finds a way back. Perhaps if the new farmer is willing to befriend this strange demon, he might be tempted to become a permanent resident?

Cecilia by whitebalverines: Cecilia is a young ghost who has no memories of her past and is unable to move on. Find out why as you befriend her!

Chelsea by EShadow37: This mod adds a new and exciting datable NPC called Chelsea who, just like you, only recently arrived in the valley. Includes 14 heart events, several quests, 1 new sword, 2 new dishes, 2 new drinks and 1 new artisan good/gift. Chelsea has a unique spouse room and will also show up in vanilla festivals.

Denver by whitebalverines: Denver is Marlon's nephew that moved from the city on a mission for self-discovery. He lives in the Saloon and has some secrets that you'll discover as you befriend him. Has a male and female variant!

East Scarp by Lemurkat: East Scarp is a new area a short walk from Pelican Town's Blacksmith, with new fishing areas, tons of forage and some new NPCs to meet, including Jacob, a mobile vet and his precocious daughter.

Eugene by irias0701 - English Translation by Sapiescent: Eugene is a gentle soul living in solitude amongst his flowers. Though anxious about meeting the new farmer, he appreciates the company. He spends his time tending to the garden, baking, and experiencing the occasional existential crisis about the transience of happiness. Something has been troubling him for many years. Will you be the one to give him guidance?

Professor Jasper Thomas by Lemurkat: After becoming the laughing stock of his peers for his 'outrageous' theories regarding the dwarves, geologist Professor Jasper Thomas has returned to Pelican Town. Can you help him overcome his embarrassment? Or will he fall prey to his obsession?

Jade by malic18: Jade is a self-proclaimed entomologist, lover of all things magical, and generally an odd person to meet. Fully romanceable and marriable. Can you figure out this odd girls secrets?

Jessie and Juliet the Joja Clerks by Lemurkat: Juliet has been exiled to Pelican Town and sentenced to work as a wage-slave at JojaMart.  She's irrepressible and a little wild. She lives in a large manor behind the community center with her landlord, Jessie and (if installed), Jade. Jessie and Juliet work rotating shifts at the JojaMart, where they share clerk duties - except on rainy days, when they spend the morning together.

Juna by elhrvy: Juna is an adult (?), aromantic (so no, not datable), devious, ballet-loving woman with a strange past and a penchant for dramatics. She absolutely abhors walks on the beach, loves going outside in the rain without an umbrella, considers Robin the light of her life, rarely wears shoes, doesn't really get fishing or sincerity or picnics, and takes an inordinate amount of pleasure in tormenting the Wizard.

John by fellowclown: Coming from Zuzu, John is seeking a simple, clean life in hopes of bettering his health both mentally and physically. He's reserved and rather shy. Learn more about him by playing the mod!

Lucikiel by Arknir27: Adds Lucikiel to the game. A self-indulgent megalomaniac is summoned to the valley through JojaMart's evil scheme. Lucikiel offers his services to Clint in exchange for a place to recuperate. Can you reach his heart? Or will he lose himself in his revenge?

Lunna - Astray in Stardew Valley by Rafseazz: The main focus of this mod is Lunna, a girl with a secret past and claims to not come originally from our land but instead from a place called Umuwi. She is also under the care and supervision of M. Rasmodius the Wizard! Find out about her secret through romance events all laid out to convey a story with which one can be immersed! Along with the story, You can also meet Bianka and Raphael! With the same contents as Lunna, You can pick which story arch to follow through!

Lyell by fellowclown: Lyell is a introverted older man from the Gortoro Empire.  After being discharged from the  Ferngill military. having joined after his immigration, he has decided to settle in Pelican town, making a small self sufficient farm for himself. Lyell loves animals and is generally well mannered. But while he works towards living a normal life. He has secrets that he's been keeping from everyone around him.

Magical Family by fellowclown: The magical Family story is based in the Stardew Valley universe. With Valerie living in Pelican Town, following her story as she slowly uncovers the mystery behind a citizen's disappearance. While she seeks the truth, her strange mother makes a appearance. Inserting herself into Valerie's life and disrupting her goals as a spiritual element expert.  Her story isn't all mystery however. Have the option to romance and marry Valerie. Which includes separate romantic events for you to experience.

Mandalorian and Baby Yoda by BexTX: Adds everyone's favorite space dad and son, along with the Razor Crest parked somewhere in town.

Mona by Zilsara: A new NPC for the game. She is a refugee from the war, currently sleeps on Emily's couch. Reads and works at the Museum.

Openfire by firecherno - English translation by depravedgayotic: OpenFire is the devil you pick up in the town, good intention to save him down, but the result was swallowed by the soul forced to establish a contract - when you are in danger, OpenFire must save you out of danger to break the contract. And now you've got a stalker demon behind you who's been waiting for maybe get into an accident?

Ridgeside Village by Rafseazz and the Ridgeside Village Council: A small village located on the west side of Stardew Valley. Go up the stairs northeast of the bus stop and hop in the cable car to the village! Meet new interesting people with immersive backstories, engaging dialogue, and exciting events! Discover new forage, stories, secrets, maybe even fall in love? Who knows!? A lot can happen in Ridgeside Village!

Riley by EssGee: Meet Riley! They're a genderfluid young person who has recently moved to Pelican Town from the big city. Friendly and upbeat, they'll be eager to befriend you right away, but if you're looking to date them, that may take a little more effort.

Shiko by moopdrea: There's a new face in town and her name is Shiko Takahashi. She's a retired model who has decided to move from Zuzu City to Pelican Town in hopes to experience a simpler kind of lifestyle. Shiko's a bit of a mystery, kind of a whirlwind and very unpredictable. She's currently crashing at Gus's saloon, but she hopes to have a home to call her own one day. She's marriageable with her own custom heart events and schedule!

The Stray Catfe by alistairweekend: Meet Theo and Tabitha, a pair of twins who have just moved to the valley. Bubbly Tabitha came to Pelican Town to start a cafe with her pragmatic twin brother Theo in tow. Tabitha's go-getter attitude is inspiring, but can she really succeed on that alone? And is this really what Theo wants to do with his life? Talk to, befriend, and even romance your new neighbors to find out.

Toshinori Yagi by AeolianMode: This mod adds a new dateable NPC to your town inspired by Toshinori Yagi "All Might" from My Hero Academia. Befriend the resident sickly sunflower and learn all about his joys and tragedies. He’s a complicated man with a debilitating chronic illness. He might look intimidating, but he’s got a heart of gold and lots of love to give.

Please keep in mind, there are many custom NPCs out there but these were the ones I've stumbled across/was interested in.