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A list of mods to add more wildlife and creatures to the valley.

Custom Critters Mods[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

These mods require Custom Critters to work and have a different installation method than most mods. The content packs must be added to the Critters folder inside the Custom Critters installation instead of simply placed into Mods - please check that it is installed correctly before playing.

Eemie's Bees[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: eemie / Eemiestardew

Eemie's Bees adds bees around your bee hives on sunny days in spring, summer, and fall.

Giant Bumblebees[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: birdb / Omena007

Giant Bumblebees adds slow-moving bumblebees around the farm.

Cranber's Fireflies[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Cranber / CranberPreserves

Cranber's Fireflies adds fireflies to the farm and the forest either all year round or all seasons except winter.

Custom Critters Dragonflies[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: lamplight / lamplight12347

Custom Critters Dragonflies adds small brightly-coloured dragonflies to the farm.

Dragonfly During Rainy Season[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Haibara1412

Dragonfly During Rainy Season adds red and blue dragonflies during summer and fall.

Ladybugs (Custom Critters)[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Kamalei

Ladybugs (Custom Critters) adds ladybugs in grassy areas such as the farm, town, and forest.

Tearoppai's Random Critters[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Tearoppai

Tearoppai's Random Critters adds ladybugs and dragonflies to the farm.

More Butterflies[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: MelNoelle

More Butterflies adds more butterflies to all locations. Three colour packs are available.

Moths for Custom Critters[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Squiver

Moths adds 5 types of moths at night in spring, summer, and fall.

Fairies for the Forest[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Tanpoponoko

Fairies for the Forest adds fairies in the secret woods. In the regular version, 12 types of fairies are visible all year round, while in the seasonal version, there are 3 types per season.

SH's Non-Hostile Bats[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: SmolHooman

SH's Non-Hostile Bats adds black, grey, and albino bats that fly around at night.

SH's Hummingbirds for Custom Critters[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: SmolHooman

SH's Hummingbirds adds 5 varieties of hummingbirds that fly around during the day.

Custom Companions Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

These mods require Custom Companions to work.

SH's Wild Animals[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: SmolHooman

SH's Wild Animals (NexusMods) / (ModDrop) adds a massive variety of wild animals to appropriate locations in the game. Examples include squirrels and foxes in the forest, ducks in the lakes and rivers, and turtles at the beach.

SH's Domestic Animals[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: SmolHooman

SH's Domestic Animals (NexusMods) / (ModDrop) adds a variety of domestic and companion animals to appropriate locations in the game. Examples include Alex's dog Dusty, Abigail's guinea pig David, a number of animals outside Marnie's ranch, and a brown cat for Willy.

Kitty Cats[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Obamoose

Kitty Cats adds cute stray cats that wander around Pelican Town.

Forest Junimos[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: KediDili and shekurika

Forest Junimos adds junimos to the forest that dance and wave.

Other Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Visible Fish[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: shekurika

Visible Fish makes all catchable fish in an area visible in the water. Works with modded locations.

Happy Fish Jump[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Sakorona

Happy Fish Jump makes fish jump from fish ponds and other bodies of water occasionally. Supports mod-added fish.

Pollen Sprites[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Esca-MMC

Pollen Sprites adds non-hostile pollen sprites that float around the player on windy days in spring.

Adopt 'n' Skin[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Gathouria

Adopt 'n' Skin adds wild horses that can be found occasionally and tamed. It also allows farm animals to use a variety of different sprite textures.

Elle's Town Animals[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: elle / junimods

Elle's Town Animals changes the vanilla wild animals sprites to a randomised selection of colour and species options.

SH's Beach Crabs and Garden Snails[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: SmolHooman

SH's Beach Crabs and Garden Snails (NexusMods) / (ModDrop) adds wild crabs to the Pelican Town beach and forageable snails that can be found throughout the valley, particularly after rain.

SH's Festive Valley[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: SmolHooman

SH's Festive Valley (NexusMods) / (ModDrop) adds a variety of festival-themed forage to the game around festival days, but also adds a number of festival-themed spirits and animals for some of the festivals.

Immersive Locational Artifact Digspots[edit | edit source | hide]

Author: Airyn

Immersive Locational Artifact Digspots changes the digspot 'worms' sprite to one of various location-based options, some of which are animals, insects, or junimos.