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Hello, I'm Scorcher, and, my mod list is essentially catered to the best Harem Experience for me, but today I'll be making a list of mods for you to get started on your own ideal Harem Experience. And for full clarification, these mod recommendations are only taking 32 bit Windows Stardew Valley into account, I don't know if any of these mods are compatible with any other platform.

Multiple Spouses[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Easily the most vital mod on this list. This mod allows you to marry as many NPCs as you want. The sky's the limit. It even lets your spouses kiss, which you can turn off for spouses that are relatives(or turn it on, I don't judge!)

Multiple Spouse Dialogs[edit | edit source | hide]

This mod is a great supplement to Multiple Spouses, it lets your spouses say cute things to each other in the form of short dialogue bubbles. You can even set up special dialogue for certain pairings!

NPC/Expansion Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Remember, your tastes are up to you to decide, but I'm assuming you're here for recommendations, so I will provide some. These mods are mods that either serve as a sizeable expansion to Stardew Valley, add NPCs, or expand certain vanilla NPCs to make them marriable.

  • Stardew Valley Expanded, adds a TON of new content including new NPCs, items, areas, events, and the like, including 5 new marriage candidates.
  • Ridgeside Village, adds a new town of content, along with new items, events, and 10 new marriage candidates.
  • Datable Jodi, unleash your inner homewrecker with this mod, as it lets you date and marry Jodi, Sam's mom, complete with Heart Events!
  • Looking for Love, lets you date and marry Sandy, Marnie, Pam, Lewis, Linus, Clint, Gus, Willy, and the Wizard, complete with Heart Events. It also lets you decide which ones get changed via the mod's config, and even comes with optional alternate designs to make the characters look younger and/or more attractive.
  • Looking for Love Unofficial Update, this is an unofficial update for Looking for Love, and thus, requires it, so download both. This adds support for more languages and fixes a few bugs(it accidentally re-introduced the "Lewis calls your wife your husband" bug though, grrrr).
  • Romanceable Rasmodius, lets you date and marry the Wizard, complete with Heart Events, and is a more thorough character expansion than what Looking for Love offers, so you might wanna disable Wizard in that mod's config and use this. Now redundant if you're using SVE.
  • Make Marlon Real, turns Marlon into a real, friendable, datable NPC with everything you'd expect from gift tastes to Heart Events. Not compatible with SVE, however.
  • Make Gunther Real, turns Gunther into a real, friendable, datable NPC with everything you'd expect from gift tastes to Heart Events. However, it also adds a new character, Cecily, Gunther's teenage daughter, so if you're using a specific portrait mod, you might wanna pass this one up if you prefer a more consistant art style. Not compatible with SVE, either.

Genderbend mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Genderbending might not be your cup of tea, but it is mine, so I'm listing these as an addendum:

  • Combined Girl Mod: This mod lets you turn any of the vanilla bachelors into bachelorettes, editing relevant dialogue to fit said changes. You can even customize their names! However, if you wanna use additional mods that add lots of dialogue, you're probably gonna have to manually edit those to accomodate the new names and genders. I personally recommend the names Alex, Sam, Sabrina(Sebastian), Elena(Elliott), Harriet(Harvey), Cheyanne(Shane), Razolyn(Rasmodius), Witch(Wizard), and Willow(Willy).
  • talkohlooeys' Portraits: This portrait mod makes everyone look great! I'm including this here because it supports the Combined Girl Mod and you might want a consistant artstyle for your portraits. But if you are using mods like Datable Jodi or Looking for Love, do make sure to manually edit the relevant portraits to accomodate the new emotions!

Addendum[edit | edit source | hide]

These mods aren't exactly exclusive to the Harem Experience, but they do serve as a nice supplement!

  • Custom Death Penalty Plus: This mod allows you to customize the penalty you recieve from losing energy or dying in the Mines. I put this here because I like the idea of a budding love growing between you and Harriet- I mean Harvey, or you and Maru, and this mod lets you have a friendship increase as a "penalty".
  • Movement Speed: Running around town to befriend and woo all these characters can be a bit of a chore, and you're not always gonna have access to your horse, so this mod is great to remedy this!
  • Part of the Community: Befriending all these characters manually can also be a bit of a chore. This mod lets you speed up relationship growth, even if only slightly, passively, just by doing stuff you'd already be doing, like talking to NPCs, gifting stuff to NPCs, marrying relatives, etc.
  • Passive Friendship: Another mod for speeding up friendship growth slightly, albeit in a different and arguably less efficient way. This mod speeds up friendship growth by simply just spending time with the NPC, all you have to do is be near the NPC for a small period of time.

And there you have it! The perfect starting point to your ideal Harem Experience! Blame Calcite.