Recommendations: Vanilla Event Changes

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Ever gotten tired of the vanilla events? Thought they needed better continuity or characterization? Amp up the vanilla events with these mods:

  • Realistic Writer Elliott: tweaks Elliott's 4, 6, 8, 10 and 14 heart events to give a more realistic approach to writing and publishing a book, as well as making it not so, uh, first draft-sounding.
  • Demetrius's Tomato Dilemma: Tweaks Demetrius's 6 heart event so that he doesn't seem as deliberately obtuse.
  • De-Creepy'd Demetrius: Tweaks Maru's 2 heart event so that instead of coming across as an overprotective weirdo, Demetrius tells a funny but embarrassing story about Maru instead.
  • Don't Touch Wheelchairs: Tweaks Penny's 2 heart event so that George isn't demonized for having his wheelchair pushed against his will. Don't touch people's wheelchairs without permission!
  • Penny's 8 heart Adjusted: Adjusts Penny's 8 heart event so that she doesn't have a picnic in the rain, and doesn't ask you if you want children when you already have them.
  • Dammit Clint Stop Hitting On My Wife: Tweaks Clint's 3, 6 and 8 heart events so he isn't a creeper toward Emily if you married her (with optional toggle to de-creepy him even if you didn't wed Emily)
  • Marnie Deserves Better: Tweaks Marnie's six heart event so you can encourage Lewis to stop dicking around instead.
  • Harvey Apologizes: Tweaks Harvey's 2 heart event with George so you don't lose friendship if you support George instead.