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Recommendations by Elizabeth[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Plot Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Marnie's Special Orders: In case you realized a bit too late that only Joja sells Auto-Petters, but you also really aren't that into Skull Cavern dives, this mod provides an immersive way for Marnie to also sell Auto-Petters, in a way that's reasonably balanced.

Stardew Aquarium: In case you feel like showing off your fish collection to the in-game world, this lets you donate fish to the aquarium! My only complaint would be that the star level of the fish disappears once you donate, but this is an extremely petty complaint and this mod is otherwise perfect the way it is.

Swim: This mod definitely has a few interesting quirks that some might call bugs, but it's also just really fun. It's a little OP in the beginning of a game, but it does time-limit your dive in a way that makes it more balanced. There's pretty fishies!

Crop Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Lumisteria's Flowers and Crops: Very balanced, gradual, non-overwhelming crop mod. Plus, the flowers are very pretty!

More Giant Crops: More giant crops more better. Pairs great with 6480's Giant Crops, which is a content pack for this mod.

Furniture Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Lumisteria Flower and Plant Set: Beautiful decorative furniture that matches the vanilla art style extremely well. Soon to be updated for DGA!

Farm Map Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Overgrown Garden Farm: This is a very cute and fun layout! My only minor complaint is that there are a bunch of weirdly unwalkable tiles and also weirdly walkable tiles that make me wonder if there's some offset going on.

Wren's Expanded Greenhouse: Not too large, just big enough to fit sprinklers really nicely into it and with some nice clean areas for trees. If you wanted to leverage the extra space to grow more trees it could get a little cheat-y but the way I use it's just nicer and neater than vanilla.

Greenhouse Sprinklers: I love the concept and execution. A very clever and fairly balanced way to make your greenhouse even prettier.

Aesthetic Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Better Artisan Good Icons: I really like when the products show the colors of the item used to make them. It both helps with visually telling what's going on in your chests, and also with game immersion.

Animated Tools and Weapons: I love the Forest Sword and the Rainbow Galaxy Sword. I haven't tried all the weapons out, obviously, but the ones I have used have been great. Also, this doesn't seem to add lag to the game, which is nice.

PondPainter: I love when the vanilla fish make the ponds turn colors, so more of that is cool too! At some point I might make a content pack for better colors than the roe colors, since a lot of fish have brown/orange roe which is pretty sad for the pond color.

Quality of Life Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Automatic Gates: No more fiddling around trying to open those gates and accidentally jumping off the horse/breaking the gate! Not cheat-y at all, just nice.

Better Ranching: I hate the squeaky failed-milking sound, and how long it takes for the animation to finish, so of course I love this mod. Bonus helpfulness for the part where it helps you remember to pet all the animals by putting heart icons over their heads when they're unmet.

Better Sort: I haven't actually used this much so far, but when I read the description it was like the mod was answering all my hopes and dreams. Every time I hit the inventory sort button it's instant regret and time for manual re-sorting, and this promises to take away all that pain.

Daily Screenshot: Looks super fun, I always forget to take pictures for a long time and then take a bunch at once.

NPC Map Locations: The cleanest way to get NPC locations on the map that I know of. Has this mysterious bug that hard crashes the game once a realtime month or so, but other than that, perfect. No more grumbling about how Leo is so hard to find when I want to give him a duck feather.

Simple Crop Label: Does what it says on the tin. Labels your crops.

Social Page Order Button: Saves me a scroll down to the bottom when I'm trying to friend the last few NPCs.

Cheat-y Quality of Life Mods[edit | edit source | hide]

Skull Cavern Elevator: I hate combat personally, so I don't really use this to cheat very much at all. It takes away the stress of skull cavern and if you use the way I do, it's not game-breaking.