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Hi! These are some mods that I recommend.

Currently only cover Quality of Life and game mechanics. Will add mods that are heavier on content later on.

Mod Name Key Feature(s) Reason(s) to use Reason(s) not to use Category
Better Hay
  • Hay drops when cutting grass with the scythe before having silo
  • Farmer can pull hay from hoppers even if all animal feed locations are full
  • You can clear grass before building silo without feeling you wasted all those hays
  • You can directly purchase animals building instead of silo
  • You enjoy a slower progression


Water Bot
  • Farmer can be commanded to water the crops on their own.
  • You can avoid all those clicks
  • You find watering the crops fun or therapeutic
  • You want to maximize time efficiency after upgrading the watering can (The bot can't use wider area "power-up", yet?)
  • You get bothered with slightly incorrect animation
Stack Split Redux
  • Shift+right click can split the item stack into a specified amount instead of half.
  • You can quickly get the right amount of item
  • You love the way things as they are
Forage Pointers
  • Blinking arrow appears on nearby forages and or digging spot (Range scales based on forage skill)
  • You have difficulty spotting the forages
  • You hate missing the forages behind trees, buildings, or grass (Yes, I'm talking about you truffles!)
  • You tend to forget digging spot exists
  • You like nighttime foraging
  • You find paying close attention to the map as part of the fun
  • You don't want the arrow to appear during cutscenes (I have commented to have this configurable, finger-crossed)
Show Birthdays
  • Calendar shows when there are multiple NPCs' birthday
  • You hate missing the birthdays of too many custom NPCs you have
  • You like exercising your memory
  • You don't bother with birthdays
Daily Screenshot
  • Screenshot of the farm map taken automatically each day (or another configuration as you like)
  • You love seeing how far you've made it
  • You want to make time-lapse of some kind or complement your farmer diary
  • You just don't care about this kind of things
Data layers
  • Overlay for various purposes. Go check the mod description
  • You want to check the range of items like bee house, sprinkler, scarecrows, and junimo huts
  • You want to know the range of auto water for paddy crops
  • You hate when there's something in the map that blocked you from purchasing that building from Robin
  • You like manually counting the tiles
  • You already doing fine with your farm planning
  • You don't plan around your farm
Zoom Level
  • Keyboard shortcut to zoom in and out
  • Zoom past the game limit
  • You like playing it zoomed it or zoomed out past the vanilla limit
  • You just zoom a lot
  • You already have the perfect zoom level
Social Page Order Button
  • Button in social page to order your relations alphabetically or by hearts, ascending or descending
  • You have too many custom NPCs
  • You think this feature might be handy
  • You barely look at the social page
Happy Birthday
  • Pop-up after the mod installed to select farmer's birthday and favorite thing
  • Parents, spouse, and villagers give you gifts and wish you a happy birthday
  • Spouse specifically give you your favorite thing
  • You find it cute and immersive
  • You like to get a prismatic shard or a magic rock candy once a year or more with multiple spouses
  • You don't believe on birthday