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hello! i'm larry aka jeremylsm and this is a list of all the current stardew mods i use. i recommend all of them!!

be wary that the more mods you use, the longer it takes to load. using 200~ mods takes around 10 minutes to open my game.

NOTE: this does not include most dependencies/apis.

QUALITY OF LIFE[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

a tappers dream - a tree overhaul makes just about everything about trees configurable

automatic gates opens and closes gates automatically

better junimos allow your junimos (from junimo huts) to automatically plant seeds, fertilise, and so much more

bigger backpack adds another backpack size (makes your backpack 4 rows instead of 3)

chests anywhere access your chests from anywhere and organise them your way

craftable geodes adds recipes for crafting various geodes

community center helper adds in-game suggestions of where to find items for the cc when you hover over them in the bundle menu

experience bars adds experience bars for your skill levels, so you can see how far you are from levelling

happy birthday a mod that adds in the player's birthday to stardew valley

farm rearranger adds a kiosk you can buy from robin at high friendship levels, that will let you rearrange your farm buildings without having to come to her shop

medieval farm rearranger reskins the farm rearranger

flower dance fix replaces existing flower dance code with flexible, dynamic code allowing for altered npc genders, custom npcs, and expanded dance participants

forage fantasy improves tappers and mushroom boxes and adds a common fiddlehead fern and a forage based survival burger

let me rest you can recover stamina when seated, riding and stopped

mobile phone gives you a customisable mobile phone that lets you call and receive calls from friends to chat or replay old events

mobile calendar adds a calendar app to the mobile phone

mobile television adds a television app to the mobile phone

mobile arcade adds a playable arcade app to the mobile phone (prairie king and junimo kart)

custom phatic cues for mobile phone replaces generic cues for greetings, reminiscing and goodbyes during a phone call with singular cues for each npc

custom hearts background changes the "heart" background on the mobile phone to a prettier one

monthly mail features a plethora of newsletters that you can subscribe to based on your interests (gives really cool information about your game)

more giant crops lets you add new giant crops to the game

6480's giant crops adds giant versions of many vanilla crops

no crows stops crows from eating your crops

no soil decay on farm prevents "hoe dirt" from reverting to normal ground on the farm

prismatic tools adds prismatic sprinklers and tools to the game

raised garden beds craft garden beds in a variety of styles to let you grow crops on top of grass and hard soil

self service buy stuff while the shop is open without someone at the counter

stash items adds a hotkey that moves items from your inventory into nearby chests that contain that item

tractor mod buy a tractor to more efficiently work with crops, clear twigs and rocks, etc

tractor engine sound gives your tractor a hum as you move

old school bouncy tractor reskins the tractor and changes driving animation

wear more rings configure the amount of ring slots in your inventory

winter grass makes grass survive through winter

blu's large greenhouse makes the greenhouse large enough utilise 12 iridium sprinklers and 14 fruit trees

egg festival winner randomised makes npcs other than abigail have a chance of winning the egg festival if the farmer doesn't

lumisteria festival additions - fair changes the fair festival to make it a bit more interesting to see again

lumisteria special orders adds several quests to the specials board

gender-neutral farm animals removes association of gender for farm animals

add berry seasons to calendar adds berry icons to the calendar for salmonberry and blackberry harvesting days

EXPANSIONS[edit | edit source | hide]

the love of cooking adds a new cooking menu, rebalanced recipes, tool progression, and a new skill

stardew aquarium adds an aquarium to stardew valley where you can donate your fish to animated tanks for rewards (includes a new map)

surfing festival adds a new summer festival where you can race some of your friends in the town

swim allows you to swim anywhere there is water, wear your swimsuit on land, and dive for treasure or swim with rainbow fishies

garden village shops adds a new location that adds six new shops for better game immersion

chocolatier adds 37 new artisan chocolate goods to the game, as well as one new custom machine to make them with

khadija's recipe shop a new pair of twin vendors have come to pelican town to sell recipes, machines, weapons, and cooking ingredients

life cycle - rival heart events adds heart events, new schedules, weddings and children for npcs

a spirit's eve hunt adds an exciting hunt that takes place on spirit's eve where dungeon loot, gems, and monsters will appear across the valley, keeping you busy before the festival

the stray catfe adds two new romanceable characters and a cute cafe shop to your game

PPJA[edit | edit source | hide]

artisan valley adds 20 new machines and over 150 new items

christmas sweets a delicious collection of christmas-inspired sweets

fruits and veggies mizu's crop sprites

mizu's flowers adds new flowers to the game

more trees adds more fruit trees to the game

more recipes adds more recipes to the game, using ppja and vanilla

even more recipes adds even more recipes to the game, using ppja and vanilla

VISUAL[edit | edit source | hide]

custom critters adds custom critters to the world

eemie's bees adds bees and bumblebees to your farm

fairies for the forest add fairies to the secret woods

cuter chests makes the vanilla chests cuter by adding a heart buckle and toning them down

event black bars adds cutscene-like black bars to the top and the bottom of the screen during an event

more grass lets you add custom grass sprites, locations and season dependant

lumisteria more flowery grass - eemie palette adds a lot of flowery grass in spring, summer and fall

flowergrass and snowfields adds a beautiful variety of flowers and grass types for every season and little snow piles in winter

visible fish shows fish that are currently catchable in the water

animal crossing digspot replaces the worms with the animal crossing digspot marker

hippie desert trader replaces the desert trader sprite with a hippie trailer

expressive elf ears adds a set of elf ears to the player sprite that flop around when using tools or showing emotion

stone bridge over pond adds a stone bridge over the lower pond on the standard farm

animated mining pack animates lots of mining related objects and items

better water water now looks better and more realistic

chic cute kitchen cute kitchen reskin

elle's new barn animals reskins the barn animals

elle's new horses reskins the horses

elle's cat replacements reskins the cats

elle's town animals reskins the town animals

hot spring farm cave an underground hot spring farm cave with waterfalls, lush vegetation, and patches to plant crops

kitty channels reskins all tv channels to introduce a full cast of feline broadcasters

bouquets to love letters replaces both bouquets with love letters

medieval buildings extremely configurable reskins for the farm buildings

ran's prettier witch makes the witch prettier

rustic country town interiors redesigns almost all the interior items and building structures used for the town interiors and spouse rooms

rustic country walls and floors reskins the walls and floors to fit the rustic country aesthetic

seasonal display background changes the display background in the player menu to seasonal ones

seasonal floral bus recolour reskins the bus to prettier seasonal ones

sh's wild animals adds some wild animals to the game

vibrant pastoral recolour a map recolour with a green fall option, plus bonus features like terrain flower replacements and seasonal holiday decor

gold stardrop hero trophy replaces the standard stardew hero statue with a golden stardrop version

NPCS[edit | edit source | hide]

gigi's hi-res portraits changes all of the character's portraits into a more bouncy anime-like style

please remember my marriage adds dialogue lines to the villagers after you get married, allowing them to acknowledge your marriage

please remember my birthday changes every npc's schedule on their relatives/friends birthdays

aspen adds in a totally new dateable npc named "aspen" with a new location, many heart events, changing dialogue and more

mister ginger adds a new cat npc for jas

sh's portraits for mr ginger new portraits for mister ginger

babies take after spouse babies and toddlers made in the image of all available spouses

cuter penny sprites makes penny's sprites look cuter

emyn's queer dialogue expansion adds over 170 queer dialogue strings to the game, and amends a few dialogue strings to be queer friendly

responsible marnie marnie finally stands behind the counter of her shop

spouses react to player "death" adds cutscenes after "dying" to add a splash of drama between you and your spouse

SEBASTIAN[edit | edit source | hide]

sebastian comes out an lgbtqia+ expansion of sebastian's character which adds new dialogue, events and mail

sebastian's garage changes sebastian's spouse area to include a garage for his motorcycle

posessive sebastian dialogue expansion adds over 200 new lines of posessive dialogue for sebastian

CLOTHING[edit | edit source | hide]

oversized sleeves add oversized sleeves to your farmer

horror hats adds 13 horror styled hats to the hat mouse shop

bb's shirts adds 64 unisex farmer shirts to the game

ghostytea's cute hats adds 11 new cute hats

sp's onesies adds 7 animal onesies to the game

FURNITURE[edit | edit source | hide]

zaoux's pride flag banners adds 20 different pride flags to your catalogue

industrial furniture set reskins over 170 furniture items

kids furniture adds over 30 kids items to the game

mi's elegant victorian furniture adds over 120 new furniture items

CHEAT-Y[edit | edit source | hide]

all professions gives you all possible professions when you level up, instead of just the one chosen

cjb cheats menu simple in-game cheats menu

cjb item spawner simple in-game item spawner

skull cavern elevator elevator for the skull cavern

yearly stardrop send the player a stardrop once a year on the last day of winter

starfruits will regrow makes starfruits continue to produce more fruit after the first harvest

MISC[edit | edit source | hide]

cats and dogs allows you to adopt more cats and dogs to your farm

generic mod config menu adds an in-game ui to edit other mods' config options

map editor lets you easily make reversible edits to a map in-game by copying and pasting any tile to another location on the map

mod updater simple updater framework for mods

ui info suite 2 provides helpful information about things around you designed to help you be aware of what's going on without feeling like you're cheating

npc map locations see npcs and players on the map, with an optional minimap

dinosaurs say yee pretty self explanatory