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This is LenneDalben's mod list, offered as-is, at your own risk. Feel free to take a look for recommendations! It contains a table of contents to make it easier to navigate.

Below is in development, hoping I can copy-paste the links in.

Frameworks[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

First up are the Framework mods. These are the ones needed for lots of other mods to work. You should check the mod descriptions for specifics though, so you don’t have to install all of these (you only need to install the ones your mod list requires).

SMAPI (it’s the mod loader, you need it for any modding) Nexus link

Content Patcher (CP) Nexus link

Content Patcher Animations (CP-A) Nexus link

PyTK Nexus link

SpaceCore Nexus link

Json Assets (JA) Nexus link

Farm Type Manager (FTM) Nexus link

Mail Framework Mod (MFM) Nexus link

Better Farm Animal Variety (BFAV) Nexus link

-Check for latest link

TMXL Nexus link

Producer Framework Mod (PFM) Nexus link

Expanded Preconditions Utility (EPU) Nexus link

Shop Tile Framework (STF) Nexus link

Custom Crafting Stations (CCS) Nexus link

Train Station (TS) Nexus link

Custom Fixed Dialogue Nexus link

Custom NPC Exclusions Nexus link

Custom Ore Nodes (CON) Nexus link

Custom Music Nexus link

Custom Resource Clumps Nexus link

Custom Companions Nexus link

Gameplay Mechanics / Quality of Life[edit | edit source | hide]

Equipment / Craftable Changes[edit | edit source | hide]

Better Sprinklers Nexus link

Activate Sprinklers Nexus link

Easier Bee House, Oil Maker, Preserves Jar, and Lightning Rod ModDrop link

Easier Farm Totem ModDrop link

Beer in Half the Time ModDrop link

Wine to Vinegar Nexus link

Easy Coal Nexus link

Better Rarecrows Nexus link

Better Workbenches Nexus link

Automatic Gates Nexus link

Tool Stuff[edit | edit source | hide]

Better Sort Nexus link

Crop Transplant Mod Nexus link

Personal Anvil Nexus link

Hold to Break Geodes Nexus link

Prismatic Tools Nexus link

-Check for unofficial update link

Rush Orders Nexus link

-Check for latest link

Tractor Mod Nexus link

Storage Stuff[edit | edit source | hide]

Chests Anywhere Nexus link


-Colorful Chests Check for latest link

Carry Chests Nexus link

AutoStacker Nexus link

Stack Split Redux Nexus link

Bigger Backpack Nexus link

Shop Stuff[edit | edit source | hide]

Pierre Plans Ahead ModDrop link

Artisan Equipment for Sale ModDrop link

Immersive Shops - Pierre’s Nexus link

Joja Plans Ahead ModDrop link

Joja Always Has Seeds ModDrop link

Joja Has Extra Stock ModDrop link

Easier Stable ModDrop link

STF Willy Sell Fish Nexus link

Tailor Mouse Nexus link

Self Service Nexus link

-Check for latest link

Summer Hours (extend the time you can enter houses, as well as shops! There’s an optional year-round edition, which is the one I use, personally modified so they open at 7am, and paired with Self Service, I can still use the shop) ModDrop link

Alex’s Frozen Treats Nexus link

PFM Sweet Tooth (for use with Alex’s Frozen Treats) Nexus link

Lore-Friendly JojaMart Prices Nexus link

Marnie Sells Animal Produce Nexus link

Clint Sells Bar Nexus link

Animal Selector Nexus link

Other Gameplay Mechanics[edit | edit source | hide]

Crop Grace Period Nexus link

Not a Farmer - Job Title Replacer (finally folks will acknowledge your aspirations to be a florist or baker) Nexus link

Quality Artisan Products ModDrop link

Waterproof Items (debris will float on water rather than sink!) Nexus link

Deluxe Hats (adds effects to hats!) Nexus link

Quality Smash (also has an option for flower colors and egg colors) Nexus link

Better Junimos Nexus link

Junimos Deposit Anywhere (lets you add items to Community Center bundles from anywhere using the built-in bundles menu from your inventory, but be careful not to complete a bundle in your inventory, or the game will crash!) Mod Author Zoryn GitHub link

Townies Need Food ModDrop link

Pelican Town Potluck ModDrop link

Easier Special Orders Nexus link

Fast Animations Nexus link

Automate Nexus link

Skull Cavern Elevator Nexus link

Context-Sensitive Gift Cursor Nexus link

Mobile Phone (lets you call up villagers, and there's a small chance they call you! It's configurable, Mod page includes optional skins, and conversions for other mods) Nexus link

JoJa-84-Plus--Ingame-calculator (if using it with Mobile Phone, it's an app!) Nexus link

Mobile Catalogues (app for Mobile Phone) Nexus link

Mobile Calendar (app for Mobile Phone) Nexus link

Balloon Ride (add-on for Mobile Phone) Nexus link

Tractor Mod Mobile App (app for Mobile Phone) Github link

Recurring Reminders (has a Mobile Phone app!) Nexus link

Unique Mobile Greetings (add-on for Mobile Phone) ModDrop link

The Perks of Being Married Nexus link

Better Quarry Redux Nexus link

Pony Weight Loss Program Nexus link

Coffee Gives Energy Nexus link

Stronger Coffee (I manually merged this with Coffee Gives Energy) Nexus link

Combat Made Easy Suite Nexus link

Fishing Made Easy Suite Nexus link

Fishing Trawler Nexus link

Community Center Bundle Overhaul (in 1.5 bundle mods only work on new saves, not existing saves, unless they have a C# SMAPI component, which this mod doesn’t have) Nexus link

-Unofficial CP Conversion Chucklefish Forum link

More valuable diamond Nexus link

Make Clams Fish Nexus link

Better Garbage Cans Nexus link

Better Panning Nexus link

Better Train Loot Nexus link

Better Fruit Trees Nexus link

-Check for latest link

Better Hay Nexus link

Better Meteorites Nexus link

Better Ranching Nexus link

Coal Regen Nexus link

-Check for latest link

Combat Controls Nexus link

Exhaustion Tweaks Nexus link

Safe Lightning Nexus link

Interaction Tweaks Nexus link

Level Up Notifications Nexus link

-Check for latest link

Quest Delay Nexus link

Tree Spread (prevents seed spread in your farm, but it’s not in the filename) Nexus link

Tapper’s Dream - A Tree Overhaul Nexus link

Wear More Rings Nexus link

Cat Gifts Nexus link

Mail Services Mod Nexus link

Don’t Enable Pam Nexus link

Water Bot Nexus link

Pollen Sprites Nexus link

Climates of Ferngill Nexus link

Preexisting Relationship (for when you love that one character but don't want to romance them all over again) Nexus link

Movement Speed Nexus link

Part of the Community (I use this config) Nexus link

ALTERNATIVELY, if you find Part of the Community a bit too OP, or just want another way to earn friendship, try Passive Friendship Nexus link

Multiple Spouses (for game version 1.5.4) Nexus link

WITH Custom Spouse Patio Nexus link

WITH Custom Spouse Patio Wizard Nexus link

WITH Multiple Spouse Dialogs Nexus link

To-Dew (to do list) Nexus link

Get Started - Sprinklers in the Mail Nexus link

If It Fits I Site -- More Map Seats Nexus link

The Love of Cooking Nexus link

WITH Love of Cooking UI Recolor Kaya blog link

Crops, Craftables, and Other Items[edit | edit source | hide]

Crops, Recipes, and Other Items[edit | edit source | hide]

PPJA More Trees Nexus link

PPJA Fruits and Veggies Nexus link

PPJA Mizu’s Flowers Nexus link

PPJA Farmer to Florist Nexus link

PPJA More Recipes Nexus link

Sweet Gem Fruit Nexus link

JA Yoseiris Crops (the link is a repository for multiple converted mods, this one is included under Main Files) Nexus link

Forage of Ferngill Nexus link

Shell Collection - JA Nexus link

More Gem Kaya blog link

WITH Animated More Gem Kaya blog link

WITH More Gem Craft-Jewelcrafte MineralMage Compatibility (for use with Jewelcraft and Mineral Mage) Kaya blog link

WITH More Gem Geode Nexus link

Yagisan’s Bountiful Valley Nexus link

Pacific Northwest Mushrooms Nexus link

Craftables[edit | edit source | hide]

Craftable Battery Pack Nexus link

Home Sewing Kit Nexus link

Craftable Butterfly Hutches Nexus link

Terracotta Garden Pots Nexus link

Quality Scrubber Nexus link

Crystal Ball - see your daily luck at a glance Nexus link

Aesthetics / Appearance[edit | edit source | hide]

Aesthetics / Appearance: Map Edits[edit | edit source | hide]

Strawberry Fields Farm Nexus link

OR (for a MUCH bigger map) Capitalist Dream Farm Nexus link

OR Farm Extended (pay extra attention to the install instructions; I added a comment to the page to help clarify) Nexus link

OR Secret Garden Farm Nexus link

Darker Dirt and Cliffs Nexus link

DaisyNiko’s Earthy Recolour Nexus link

Better Water Nexus link

Content Patcher Flower Valley Kaya Blog Link

Stardew Enhanced Shortcuts Nexus link

Even More Secret Woods (if using Farm Extended, you’ll need to comment out the edits to the woods in the Farm Extended content.json) Nexus link

Deep Woods (there’s a compatibility patch for Even More Secret Woods) Nexus link

Convenient Town Nexus link

Aesthetics / Appearance: Building Edits[edit | edit source | hide]

Clean Cellar Nexus link

OR Ace’s Expanded Cellars Nexus link

Aces's Simple Sheds Nexus link

Coop and Barn Facelift Nexus link

Froststar11’s Tiny Kitchen Nexus link

OR Farmhouse with kitchen in starter, and optional bathroom in starter Naver Blog link

WITH Farmhouse with bathroom Naver Blog link

Custom Greenhouse Nexus link

Beehouses to match magimatica’s Hudson Valley Buildings Nexus link

Chic Cute Kitchen Nexus link

OR Lovely Kitchen Nexus link

Clean Shane’s Room Nexus link

Elle’s Seasonal Buildings Nexus link

OR Medieval Buildings Nexus link

OR Spanish Revival Buildings (WIP) Nexus link

OR Way Back Pelican Town (alpha) Nexus link

OR Overgrown Fairy Buildings (commonly shortened to AOFB) [haven’t tested for 1.5] Nexus link

WITH More Overgrown Fairy Buildings [haven’t tested for 1.5] Nexus link

WITH AOFB Shipping Bin [haven’t tested for 1.5]  Nexus link

WITH More Overgrown Fairy Buildings for SDV 1.5 Nexus link

OR Eemie’s Victorian Buildings for CP [haven’t tested for 1.5] ModDrop link

OR Eemie’s Medieval Modern Buildings ModDrop link

OR Seasonal Japanese Buildings Nexus link

--unofficial update for 1.5 Nexus link

OR Cute Valley - Pink [haven’t tested for 1.5] Nexus link

WITH More Buildings for Cute Valley [haven’t tested for 1.5] Nexus link

OR Stone Building [haven’t tested for 1.5] Nexus link

Hat Mouse House Makeover Nexus link

Matching Mailbox [haven’t tested for 1.5] Nexus link

Aesthetics / Appearance: Clothes / Hair / Accessories[edit | edit source | hide]

Customize Anywhere Nexus link

Hats Won’t Mess Up Hair Nexus link

BB Shirts for Json Assets Nexus link

Coii’s Clothing Collection for Json Assets (the link is a repository for multiple converted mods, this one is included under Main Files) Nexus link

Missy’s Shirts for Json Assets (the link is a repository for multiple converted mods, this one is included under Main Files) Nexus link

Kisekae Skirts Nexus link

JA Traditional Chinese Costumes Nexus link

Lumisteria Clothes Nexus link

Fashion Sense Nexus link

WITH FS Cozy Scarves Nexus link

WITH FS Fairy Wings Nexus link

WITH Winter Solstice Hats Nexus link

WITH FS Simple Farmers Dresses Nexus link

Aesthetics / Appearance: Furniture and Walls / Floors[edit | edit source | hide]

Warm Cozy Fireplace Nexus link

Rustic Country Walls and Floors Nexus link

Online and Home Shopping Nexus link

Aesthetics / Appearance: Animal Varieties / Critters[edit | edit source | hide]

BFAV Phoenixes Nexus link

BFAV Quails Nexus link

Trent’s New Animals (for BFAV; the component for Custom Cask Mod, CCM, is optional, and I don't use it) Nexus link

Elle’s Critter and Butterfly Replacements Nexus link

Dinosaur Replacement - Turtle (you'll have adorable turtles instead of dinosaurs) Nexus link

CHONKINS (adorable chubby chickens!) Nexus link

OR Cockatiel Chickens Nexus link

-CP Conversion Chucklefish Forum link

K’s Goat Replacers (Spot Tan option) Nexus link

Elle’s New Horses (Prismatic White) Nexus link

Elle’s New Barn Animals (solid white sheep, spotted black white cow and solid pink pig) Nexus link

Zhuria Herefords (brown cow) Nexus link

-CP Conversion (of multiple Zhuria’s animals) Chucklefish Forum link


Qute Animals (the cows are my favorite) Nexus link

Zhuria Bunny (Yellow Dutch) Nexus link

-CP Conversion (of multiple Zhuria’s animals) Chucklefish Forum link

SH’s Wild Animals (I use the main file and boh the optional files) Nexus link

Kitty Cats Nexus link

Another Pusheen the Cat Nexus link

Cat Lesser Panda Nexus link


-Shiba Inu - Shepherd - Husky - Pet Dog (I love the Shiba Inu and Husky the most) Nexus link

-CP Update that includes the dog head in the inventory Chucklefish Forum link

-Bernese Mountain Dog Nexus link

-Yet Another Dog Mod (highly recommend the Cocker Spaniel and the Japanese Chin Dog) Nexus link

-Wombat Pet Replacement Nexus link

Aesthetics / Appearance: Crop and Artisan Goods[edit | edit source | hide]

Colored Seeds (options for base game, PPJA Fruits and Veggies, and PPJA Mizu’s Flowers) Nexus link

Vibrant Coffee Cherries (makes it easier to see when coffee beans are ready for harvest) Nexus link

Better Crops and Foraging Nexus link

Better Artisan Goods Nexus link

Better Artisan Good Icons (BAGI) Nexus link

PPJA Icon Pack for Better Artisan Goods Icons (BAGI) Nexus link

Sweet Gem Fruit BAGI Patch Nexus link

Fanciful Resources (rainbow shells, fertilizers, battery, truffle oil, chicken eggs, void eggs, and sap) Nexus link

New Milk Churns Nexus link

Animated Gemstones Nexus link

OR Sharp Gemstones (same retexture, no animation) Nexus link

Better Fertilizer Nexus link

Better Corn Nexus link

Aesthetics / Appearance: Other[edit | edit source | hide]

Darker Paths and Floors Nexus link

Garden Grass Nexus link

OR More Grass Nexus link

WITH Flowergrass and Snowfields Nexus link

OR WITH UPDATED - Flowering Fields - More Grass Edition with New Flower Grass Options Nexus link

OR WITH Wildflower Grass Field Nexus link

Mermaid Replace Mariner Nexus link

-Unofficial update Dropbox link

Seasonal Floral Bus Recolor Nexus link

Antique Dolls Nexus link

Doll Totem (includes an option for Ancient Dolls too) Nexus link

Gwen’s Medieval Craftables Nexus link

Primitive Artisan Equipment for Content Patcher (if also using Gwen’s Medieval Craftables, you’ll have to set up the config file appropriately) Nexus link

Deluxe Scarecrow - Wan Shi Tong Nexus link

JA Fairy Bushes and Scarecrows (the link is a repository for multiple converted mods, this one is included under Main Files) Nexus link

Iridium Recolors (Saturated Strawberry) Nexus link

Peachy Objects [haven’t tested in 1.5]  Nexus link

Slightly Recolored Tools Nexus link

Slightly Recolored Weapons Nexus link

Night sky fix Nexus link

Seasonal Tub o Flowers Nexus link

Animated Junimo Scarecrows Nexus link

Better Introduction for Content Patcher Nexus link

Better Artifact Dig Spots Nexus link

Crab Pot Bait Recolor Nexus link

Firefly Lamps ModDrop link

Happy Fish Jump Nexus link

Lively Frog Sanctuary Nexus link

Visible Fish Nexus link

Idle Animations Nexus link

NPCs[edit | edit source | hide]

Dialogue / Events[edit | edit source | hide]

On multiple dialog mods compatibility: I copied this from the Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion mod, and tweaked it a bit:

“If you install multiple dialogue mods, all dialogue changes will be implemented. Exceptions are if two mods add/replace/modify the same "slot" in the code, which frequently happens. Ex: Two mods want to change Shane's winter_4 dialogue. The mod that is loaded last will be the one you'll see in game. Mods load in alphabetical order, as they appear in your Mods folder.”

Platonic Relationships Nexus link

WITH Platonic Partners and Friendships Nexus link

A Spirit’s Eve Hunt Nexus link

Festival of the Mundane Nexus link

Theft of the Winter Star Nexus link

Surfing Festival Nexus link

Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion Nexus link

A More Interesting (Updated) Sam Nexus link

Abigail The Extended Unrated Director's Cut 8K Gold Limited Edition (adds dialog and events) Nexus link

Elliott - Expanded Marriage Dialogue Nexus link

FarmerJack's Dialog Expansions (Abigail, Emily, Leah, Penny, Harvey, Haley, Shane, and Elliott) Nexus link

Extended Dialogue for Jodi and Kent (Content Patcher version in Update files) Nexus link

Harvey Personality Mod Nexus link

-Unofficial update (dialogue only) Chucklefish Forum link

Harvey Marriage Expansion Nexus link

Haywrites Narrative Overhauls (Krobus, Clint, Demetrius, Dwarf, Gus, LInus, Marnie, Pam, Willy, Wizard) Nexus link

-Unofficial update Chucklefish Forum link

Doki Doki Dialogues (Elliott, Sam, Sebastian, Alex, and Harvey) Nexus link

George and Evelyn Developed Nexus link

Governor Expansion Mod Nexus link

Marnie is a Good Aunt Nexus link

Immersive Characters - Shane (includes compatibility with Marnie is a Good Aunt!) ModDrop link

Ranch Expansion Marnie and Jas Nexus link

More Personality for Jas Nexus link

More Personality for Robin Nexus link

Mal’s Rival Heart Events Nexus link

Mal’s Sebastian Expansion with Post Marriage Events Nexus link

More Maru Events Nexus link

No More Dialogue Differences Nexus link

Once Upon a Winter’s Eve ModDrop link

Joja ruins 9-Heart Shane Event (7-heart option available) Nexus link

Sebastian’s Birthday Surprise ModDrop link

Newly Added Sebastian Cutscene Nexus link

-Unofficial CP Conversion Stardew Valley Forum link

De-Creepyd Demetrius ModDrop link

Tolerable Demetrius (manually merged with DeCreepy’d Demetrius) Nexus link

More Personality for Demetrius Nexus link

Tolerable Pierre ModDrop link

Unique Courtship Response CORE Nexus link

WITH Unique NPC Courtship Responses 4 Nexus link

Twelve Hearts for Elliott Nexus link

Wrong Idea Clint Nexus link

Immersive Festival Dialogue Nexus link

Custom Spouse Nicknames Nexus link

Please, Remember My Birthday Nexus link

True Love Valley - A Romance Dialogue Expansion Pack Nexus link

Immersive Spouses Nexus link

Custom NPCs[edit | edit source | hide]

On uninstalling a custom NPC: if you're married to them, divorce them first. Otherwise, you can just remove the mod as usual, and SMAPI will remove the necessary references. You'll see a warning message in your log, but that's just SMAPI letting you know it removed those references. There's nothing else required!

Custom NPC Fixes (if you're using any custom NPC, get this too) Nexus link

Mister Ginger Nexus link

WITH Cuter Portrait for Mr. Ginger Nexus link

Professor Jasper Thomas Nexus link

Juliet and Jessie the Joja Clerks Nexus link

Lucikiel (the author, Arknir27, put a lot of work into the fantastic events, I highly recommend it) Nexus link

WITH Lucikiel for Mobile Phone (if using Mobile Phone) Nexus link

Make Gunther Real Nexus link

Make Marlon Real Nexus link

Romanceable Rasmodius Nexus link

NPC Cecilia Nexus link

Blanche the Librarian Custom NPC Blythe0kim blog link

Woman in a Painting Blythe0kim blog link

Ayeisha - The Postal Worker (Custom NPC) Nexus link

Nagito ModDrop link

Cecilia Nexus link

Denver (I use FemDenver) Nexus link

Isla Nexus link

NPC Juna Nexus link

Mycol the Mushroom Friendo Nexus link

Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Nexus link

Villager Name Replacer (it's a long story but thanks to Jonqora, I can't deal with Willy's name so in my game he is now Pete) Nexus link

Appearance[edit | edit source | hide]

Babies take after spouse (version 1) Nexus link

Ran’s Prettier Witch Nexus link

Diverse Stardew ModDrop link

Wizard Romanceable Sprite (portraits included in Optional Files) Nexus link

WITH Wizard Romanceable Portrait - LfL Compatible Nexus link

Interface (UI)[edit | edit source | hide]

Overgrown Flowery Interface Nexus link

OR Flower Decorative UI ModDrop link

WITH Garden Variety UI ModDrop link

WITH Overgrown Flowery Cursors Nexus link

Custom Menu Background Nexus link

Configurable Cute Tool Hit Marker Nexus link

More Stardew-y Relationship Icons Nexus link

CJB Show Item Sell Price Nexus link

Lookup Anything Nexus link

Community Bundle Item Tooltip (works even with Community Center Bundle Overhauls) Nexus link

Health Bars (for the monsters) Mod Author Zoryn GitHub link

Object Progress Bars Nexus link

Data Layers Nexus link

Show Item Quality Nexus link

Show Catch Quality Nexus link

Generic Mod Config Menu (GMCM) Nexus link

Simple Crop Label (there’s a config option for it to show on hover) Nexus link

Running Late Nexus link

Pacifist Runs[edit | edit source | hide]

These are some mods that would work well for pacifist runs.

Adventurer's Bundle to Gemologist's Bundle (in 1.5 bundle mods only work on new saves, not existing saves, unless they have a C# SMAPI component, which this mod doesn’t have) GitHub link

Non-Lethal Weapons Nexus link

Prismatic Weapons for Json Assets (includes a non-lethal optional file!) Nexus link

Mineral Mage Nexus link

Monster Crops Nexus link

Miscellaneous / Other[edit | edit source | hide]

Daily Screenshot (highly configurable! I have mine set to take a weekly screenshot, plus I can take a screenshot with a hotkey, in case the weekly one was on a rainy day) Nexus link

One Day at a Time (auto closes the game after you save. Helpful for taking breaks and keeping OOM errors at bay hehe) Nexus link

OR Weekly Break Reminder (you can configure the time frame, I use it for 2 days) Nexus link

Greenhouse Message Nexus link

Joja Letter Fix Nexus link

Mx. Qi Nexus link

Nightmare’s Additional Weaponry Updated Values for Json Assets Nexus link

Prismatic Weapons for Json Assets Nexus link

Grandfather’s Gift Remade Nexus link

Birthday Mail Nexus link

Readers Digest Nexus link

Replace Bombs Kent Mail Nexus link

      - Unofficial update Stardew Valley Forum link

Forest Junimos ModDrop link

Boarding House (this mod fits into too many categories, so it's here. It adds new NPCs, locations to explore, shops, and a house for custom NPCs to use. Check out the mod description for more details!) Nexus link

WITH Yagisan’s Bountiful Valley for Boarding House Nexus link

East Scarp (similar to Boarding House, this mod fits into too many categories. It adds new NPCs, locations to explore, and homes for custom NPCs to use. Check out the mod description for more details!) Nexus link

WITH Lavril - East Scarp NPC (the author, Arknir27, put a lot of work into the fantastic events, I highly recommend it) Nexus link

WITH Always Raining in the Valley Nexus link

Ridgeside Village (similar to Boarding House and East Scarp, this mod fits into too many categories. It adds an entire village with loads of NPCs, areas to explore, quests, and more!) Nexus link

Stardew Aquarium Nexus link

Nice Messages Nexus link

Anniversary on Calendar Nexus link

Show Birthdays Nexus link

Mart co-worker Shane Kaya blog link

Rabbit Floof Nexus link

Cabin Owner Displayed Nexus link

Multiplayer Time Nexus link

“Cheat”-y Stuff[edit | edit source | hide]

Another Jump Mod (use with caution because you could get stuck somewhere. This allows you to jump even while on your horse!) Nexus link

Shop Anywhere Nexus link

Special Orders (and more) Anywhere Nexus link

Map Teleport Nexus link

Configurable Regrowth Time Nexus link

Fire Breath Nexus link

Unlock Dye Menu (removes the requirement to sacrifice items to dye your clothes) Nexus link

PPJA Fantasy Crops (I only use the ores, not money plant / doubloon) Nexus link

Night Owl (lets you stay up until 6am. The only minor quirk with Night Owl is that your animals will leave the coops/barns around 2am as if it was 6am. I don’t recommend using this and Exhaustion Tweaks together, I don’t think they’re compatible.) Nexus link

Mineral and Gem Crops Nexus link

Personal Combat Drone Nexus link

WITH Navi (from Legend of Zelda) for Personal Combat Drone - Retexture Nexus link

Debug Mode Nexus link

Chat Commands Nexus link

FriendshipWithoutTalk Nexus link

CJB Cheats Menu (useful for debugging, but also if you find “cheating” fun ) Nexus link

CJB Item Spawner (useful for debugging, but also if you find “cheating” fun ) Nexus link