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Favorite Naver Blogs & Modders[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

These blogs share a lot of great texture/map mods & gameplay diaries for inspiration.

  • Muscat's blog Farmhouses with a pretty bathroom extension; greenhouse & cellar map replacers
  • Delotti's blog Lots of cute mods & extremely useful resources/tips! She also has .png files for merging hairstyles, shirts, pants, etc. here in case you've downloaded non-JA clothing.
  • 열현's blog Hairstyles, female body replacer & all around cute textures
  • Arhen's blog Female body replacer, Harvey & Elliott sprite replacer, & interior textures
  • GH's blog A ton of wonderful & intricate CP mods, esp. body replacers for both male & female farmers (CP-compatible w/ many options), Ghibli monster texture replacers, & posed bachelor/bachelorette sprites as scarecrows if you like taking screenshots; and a mod that turns the coop into a daycare center (& animals into babies w/ animal onesies)
  • Soda's blog Mod that adds items, furniture, and recipes for a cafe setting
  • KAYA's Nexus
  • DustBeauty's Nexus

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