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Pure Quality of Life[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

  • Automatic Gates Makes gates open (and close) automatically.
  • Better Workbenches Lets you add more benches to the ones normally eligible
  • Lookup Anything Let's you look up anything. Comes with an option to hide gift tastes until you've discovered them!
  • Info Suit Shows you information about crops/machines etc. when hovering over them.
  • Daily Tasks Report Shows useful information about your daily workload like how many crops need watering/harvesting, crab pot / fruit tree status, pet bowl / interaction.
  • Tree Spread Prevents Trees from planting seeds on their own.
  • NPC Map Locations Shows NPC's on the Map. Also, Custom NPC Map Locations for those added NPC's
  • Numerical Health Displays how much health / stamina you really have. Position and Size configurable.
  • Faster Path Speed Lets you configure how much faster Paths make you. I recommend 24% (1.2 in the settings) for a noticeable boost that isn't too much.
  • Remote Fridge Storage Let's you mark chests as Fridges that cooking will pull from.
  • Even Better RNG Reworks the random number generator to be more random.

Aesthetics[edit | edit source | hide]

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Better Panning Panning is just a meme without this.
  • Better Train Loot If you're disappointed by the loot from the train, then this mod is for you.
  • Better Junimos Makes junimos better. You can set up payments for them as well if you wish!
  • Item Bags Adds many specific and generic item bags in different sizes to expand the Inventory in a progressive manner.
  • Crop Transplant Mod Ever put a crop in a wrong spot on accident and now you're contemplating about restarting the day? Get this mod.
  • Quality Smash Mashes item quality and colours via 2 hotkeys / UI icons to the lowest quality in the chest. Very useful with challenging community center. Adjustable to ignore iridium quality or individual items (default)
  • Time Speed To actually get things done in a day if you have a lot of added content like SVE, RSV, etc.
  • Teh's Fishing Overhaul Makes perfect catches important, shows you available fish (works with new more fish and custom maps) and makes treasures something worth going for.
  • Friends Forever Because I can't be bothered to visit everyone everyday just to not lose hearts.
  • More New Fish Adds a TON of unique fishes to the game trough out different locations (including SVE). For the true fishing enthusiasts out there.
  • Walk Of Life Reworks level 10 professions to be a lot more interesting and adds prestige.
  • Mister Ginger Cute Cat.
  • Water Bot Because that's how i feel when i water a bunch of crops myself.
  • Automate For when Factorio is the way.
  • Fast Animations Lets you adjust how fast all animations are. I only slightly increase vanilla values.
  • Free Love Combine with anime portraits for the real waifu Harem Simulator experience.
  • Skull Cavern Toggle Pain on demand.
  • Challenging Community Center Bundles Signing up for Pain.
  • Three Heart Dance Partner So you can dance with your waifu in year 1
  • Better Fruit Trees Lets junimos harvest fruit trees and relaxes their growing requirements.

Content and Maps[edit | edit source | hide]

  • The PPJA Mod Collection There's no one link. PPJA comes modular with a lot of different additions like crops, frees, flowers and recipes!
  • Stardew Aquarium A new area and Reason to collect all the fish! Works great with More New Fish!
  • Stardew Valley Expanded This has basically become the vanilla map for me. Can't play without it!
  • Immersive Farm 2 Remastered under Stardew Valley Expanded Optional Files if you use both. Otherwise IF2 Fix is required. Huge Map with Progression and many features and secrets to discover!