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If you have an idea or suggestion for this wiki, please post it here! With any luck someone (maybe even you later) will implement it. :)

Stubs[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Even without a fancy auto-box, we have which can be used to collect stubs that need to be added onto. If you have a page that needs more info, add the category!

Style/Insert tags for things[edit | edit source | hide]

Make those auto-box things for "This article is a stub," "This tutorial written by soandso," etc.

Modding Tips Page[edit | edit source | hide]

General modding tips with things like "examine a mod that does something similar to what you want. Ramble about the problems you have until you stumble on a breakthrough"

Sprite Sheet References[edit | edit source | hide]

Some templates showing the bounds of the sprite sheets would be nice, as they seem? to not be consistent. Also knowing what kind of animation (sitting, walking, sleeping?) each is supposed to reference.

Pictures[edit | edit source | hide]

This wiki really needs at least one picture on each page.

Content Patcher Json templates[edit | edit source | hide]

From Pathoschild: Suggestion for the unofficial wiki: use a template for the Content Patcher version like Then you can add it to examples automatically, so players following the guide don't end up with old format versions:
    "Format": "{{Content Patcher version}}",
    "Changes": [
Note: could go on Category:Templates page; will need to be regularly linked from tutorials.

NPC Dialogue Template[edit | edit source | hide]

A CP json (or even just a regular doc done, who wants to convert to CP?) that breaks down the most common places you'd add dialogue, to create a "complete" NPC.

Disclaimers[edit | edit source | hide]

I think we should add a more noticeable disclaimer that we are not related to, run by the administrators of, or endorsed by the official wiki, and also make the link to the official wiki more prominent on the home page. Maybe include an invite to the official Discord as well? Not sure if the mods would want us to ask permission before doing that, however.

Specific compatibility issues[edit | edit source | hide]

I think it'd be useful if pages for specific mods (Ridgeside Village, Stardew Valley Expanded, etc.) listed possible issues to watch for to help compatibility (ESPECIALLY for SVE.) E.g., "Ridgeside changes the Bus Stop map to add access to Ridgeside", "SVE changes the JojaShop to MartinShop and ClaireShop"

Useful links page[edit | edit source | hide]

For things like this or this or other stuff that doesn't fit neatly into existing pages.