Tips for Modding With SVE

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Editing in Tiled[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

So basically, all of SVE's tilesheets are in different folders. That's a no, no for Tiled. I make a big folder called "Tiled" and copy and paste everything I need in there. Same for the .tbin maps. Then it'll all load happily and I can edit, save, etc. Then I put the new edited map back into the mod folder

Adding a map patch to a map changed by SVE[edit | edit source | hide]

You need to do two important things:

  1. Make your own tmx file with just the usual back, buildings, front, and alwaysfront layers (SVE for some reason has layers like "buildings2"). It's easiest to just do this using the vanilla map but comparing to SVE's tbin file for what they've changed.
  2. Use "PatchMode": "ReplaceByLayer", (see example in Museum Expansion). This is theoretically the default according to the Content Patcher docs, but you absolutely need to specify or else you'll get a black void behind whatever you're adding.

Shops[edit | edit source | hide]

SVE does not use Shop Tile Framework and creates its shops using TMX. This includes replacing the vanilla JojaShop with two new shops, MartinShop and ClaireShop, but you cannot target the new shops with STF.

If you figure out how to edit these shops, please post how here.

Maps SVE does NOT (currently) change[edit | edit source | hide]

maps that SVE does not edit as of 1.13: Secret Woods, Sewers, Swamp/swamp entrance, mines entrance (the entrance warp is moved on the mountain map, however), Skull cavern entrance (as of the most recent update, prior versions did), Ginger Island North, East, Volcano, and all cave areas in Ginger Island.

NPC Names[edit | edit source | hide]

If you want to edit Marlon, Morris, and Gunther, you need to target MarlonFay, MorrisTod and GuntherSilvian. This is because SVE basically makes the original, stationary NPCs invisible and then creates clones who do NPC stuff.

Translations[edit | edit source | hide]

SVE does not use i18n files so translation requires replacing the files directly.

Festivals[edit | edit source | hide]

SVE makes changes to all the vanilla festivals, either moving NPCs around, editing the map, or in the case of the Festival of Ice placing it on a new map altogether. These festivals may also change between even and odd years and may change between SVE updates. Constant vigilance is the only way to ensure NPCs are not boxed in or overlapped.

Pictured: SVE, Ridgeside Village, Juliet and Jessie, Lucikiel, Professor Jasper Thomas, Riley
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