Tutorial: Changing Farm Maps Midsave

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Switching to a custom farm map can be done, but you'll need to do extra steps in order to make sure you don't have buildings / items in the void, or not properly lined up.

  1. Grab Reset Terrain Features and Noclip Mode to set you up, and Crop Transplant Mod for a way to move your crops and trees.
  2. Before you install the new map, you'll need to remove all machines / chests / etc. on your map. You can store them in a chest, preferably inside your farmhouse or barns /coops / sheds.
  3. Go to Robin and move any buildings you have as close to the farmhouse as possible. Save before going to the next step. 4. Add the new map mod (ensure it replaces the farm type you're using, i.e. Standard, Riverland, Hilltop, or Wilderness), and you'll spend some time moving everything to a proper place.

You can use Reset Terrain Features to reset the bushes, trees, and other debris. Noclip Mode will help you reach any things that ended up in the void or an invalid tile. Crop Transplant Mod lets you move crops and trees, and it's highly configurable, so you can move full grown trees, if you toggle that feature on.