Tutorial: Making a Content Patcher mod compatible with mobile

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One day, mobile players will have 1.5 - but in the meantime, mobile players continue to mod within the limitations of 1.4. Some frameworks which work in 1.4 never got updated for 1.5 and are in the process of being obsoleted by the community, whereas new framework mods may not include backward compatibility, making creating content for both platforms difficult. One framework mod that has continued to be updated and used by both platforms is Content Patcher, making compatibility with both perhaps one of the easiest, but there are still some changes you may need or quirks to correct before announcing your mod is mobile-compatible as well.

NOTE: The latest version of Content Patcher on mobile is 1.19.0; the latest for PC is 1.24.8.

1.5 Content[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Any content included in the 1.5 release cannot be used in mobile mods (unless it is added into the game as modded content). This includes (but is not limited to; it's a long list!)

  • Ginger Island and all related content (including Leo and his changes to the mainland),
  • the beach farm,
  • the aquarium items,
  • new craftables (most related to special orders or Ginger Island),
  • special orders (both the Pelican Town and the Qi Walnut Room ones),
  • remixed bundles,
  • additional home rooms,
  • the shortcuts community upgrade,
  • ostriches and golden chickens,
  • the more difficult mines/Skull Cavern,
  • the mahogany tree,
  • true perfection/the summit,
  • the third level of fertilizers,
  • split-screen support,
  • and more.

I recommend double-checking the release history if you're unsure whether an item predates 1.5 or not.

Custom Locations[edit | edit source | hide]

Custom locations were not included until 1.21. Any mod adding a new map must add its map via TMX Loader and add it as a dependency; there is no way to do in CP. This includes spouse rooms and NPC festival locations, which became available in CP with 1.5.5 and CP 1.24. Do note that, especially for spouse rooms, the formatting may change between TMXL and CP, so you may have to make changes in Tiled as well as in the code.

i18n[edit | edit source | hide]

Tokens and config schemas using i18n are not compatible with CP 1.19.

Append and Merge[edit | edit source | hide]

Appending fields (via TextOperations) was not available until CP 1.23. This is notably used for Data/Locations to append fish locations without overwriting other mods, or NPC Gift Tastes to allow for multiple mod combinations - without Append, the entry must be reprinted in full and other mods will either have to overwrite it/be overwritten, or take each other's changes into account. Pearl Fish is an excellent example of the work required to add a single fish to one location in one season while taking into account other mods.

Merge is also a useful feature that can combine tokens in queries, but it was not available until 1.24.

Tokens[edit | edit source | hide]

Many tokens, such as HasCookingRecipe, HasCaughtFish, ChildNames, and DailyLuck have been added between 1.19 and the current version. If you are using tokens in your conditions, you may want to check the release notes for CP to ensure you are not using a token not included in 1.19.