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This page is for mod users. If you are a modder, see Updating Mods for Modders.

When you run Smapi, you will often see a list of mods that you can update. If everything in your game is working the way you want, you do NOT need to update anything. Your game will continue to run just the way it has been. However, if you do want to update here are some tips and suggestions.

When should I update my mods?[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

The only time it is really crucial to update your mods is when a new version of Stardew Valley comes out. Right now we're on 1.5 for most systems (sorry Android) and very nearly all mods released since December 21 2020 are made with 1.5 compatibility and only 1.5 compatibility in mind. If 1.6 comes out, you'll probably need to update most of your mods at that time if you want to continue using them.

The next most important mod updates are Framework mods. These are utility mods that other mods use, so if, for example, Category:Content Patcher or Category:Json Assets has an update, you will probably want to install that update before downloading any new mods that use them. If you aren't planning to download anything new, however, you can ignore framework mod updates as well.

Expansion mods are an interesting case. Because they are HUGE mods that touch many aspects of the game, they have many different things they may want to update, from adding new content to adding compatibility for a popular new mod or just fixing bugs that weren't caught during development. It's often a good idea to update these if you're enjoying them because new content is fun. :)

For all mods, you can (usually) look at the change log on their download page and see what's new/why they updated. Then you can decide if that's something you feel like updating for or not. For example, if the change log says "Added compatibility for Mod X" and you don't have Mod X, you can safely ignore that update.

How to update your mods[edit | edit source | hide]

While there are mod managers available that will automatically update your mods for you, like Vortex on NexusMods, it is highly recommended that you update your mods the exact same way you installed them.

  1. Delete the mod's folder from your Stardew Valley\Mods folder
    1. Save the config.json file first if you did something complicated with it. If you aren't sure, you definitely didn't and don't need to worry. :)
  2. Download the updated version of the mod. It will be a zip, rar, or similar file.
  3. Extract the contents of the file into your Mods folder.
  4. Run Stardew Valley via Smapi like usual and enjoy your updated mod!