Vanilla Style Furniture

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This is a list of furniture that looks a lot like the original Stardew Valley art! This page is only for things that can go inside the farmhouse, for example furniture or wallpaper. Anyone can add to this recommendations list as long as the mods added have at least 2 out of these 4 qualities:

  1. bright colors
  2. dark outlines
  3. Shaded and textured like a vanilla object
  4. Is a mod you like using

Guide to frameworks[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

There are a lot of framework mods that let you add furniture! This is what each acronym stands for. A little comparison of a few of the different frameworks can be found on the DGA conversion page.

[AT] - Alternative Textures

[CF] - Custom Furniture

[CP] - Content Patcher

[DGA] - Dynamic Game Assets

[JA] - Jason Assets

Artists who make a lot of vanilla style furniture[edit | edit source | hide]

There are some people who make so many mods they might get a dozen listings on this page, and are still making mods so it would be hard to keep this page updated with their mods and so their profiles are listed here. Just click the "user files" tab to see all their mods.

Furniture[edit | edit source | hide]

Directly made from game assets[edit | edit source | hide]

Vanilla Style Furniture
Author Name AT CF CP DGA JA Other frameworks and useful keywords
RoseDryad (DGA) Pumpkin Junimo Plushies 1
Juanpa98ar True Natural Furniture (Synthetic... Nop) 1
violetlizabet Magic Furniture 1 Special properties, Warp
CopperSun Portable Dye Pots 1 Special properties
Aedenthorn Emily's Parrot Perch 1 Pets, Animated
Asterisk555 Penny themed Recolors and NPC furniture 1
Asterisk555 Kobus sewer set 1 1
SpottedDotted Blacksmith Furniture 1
SpottedDotted Witch Furniture 1
monteso Game room furniture 1
Gervig91 Gervig91's Furniture 1 Animated pet enclosures, Easter
noob12213 NPC's Furniture 1
Asterisk555 Spouse Room Furniture 1 1

Original Art[edit | edit source | hide]

Vanilla Style Furniture
Author Name AT CF CP DGA JA Other frameworks and useful keywords
Suzilana Cream Modern Fireplace 1
KediDili Kedi's Kids Furniture 1 1
KediDili Kedi's Pet Furniture 1 1
skellady Hanging Flower Baskets 1
violetlizabet Bonsai Trees for DGA 1
RoseDryad (DGA) RoseDryad's Fairydew Decorations 1
Nari Wooly Plushies for Alternative Textures 1
SinceWayLastMay SinceWayLastMay's Koinobori Pack 1 Japanese
SinceWayLastMay SinceWayLastMay's Orchid Pack 1 House plants
Erasercat Erasercat's Kotatsus 1 Japanese

Craftables[edit | edit source | hide]